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  1. James23

    Pacific Hats

    We do the entire Pacific catalog - [email protected]
  2. James23

    Looking for jerseys

    We have rush options to get them shipped as quick as 5 days - [email protected]
  3. James23

    Arm sleeve

    We do single orders of arm sleeves - [email protected]
  4. James23

    Need 15 hats for worlds

    If you're a Slugger or DeMarini fan we have these in stock that could ship the same day.... or
  5. James23

    Need 14 Semi-sub drifits for rec coed team

    We have options at $20 (Rival) and $21 (JJ23) - you can email [email protected] if you'd like - NO ARTWORK FEES
  6. James23

    Summer Special

    414-727-0415 [email protected]
  7. James23

    LS Hat SALE - $5 off through 8/26

    $5 off every hat on the site! Sale ends 8/26!online-store/cj08/!/Headwear/c/8442594/offset=0&sort=priceAsc
  8. James23

    S and L materials

    A few things in this thread I'd like to offer some clarity on... Everyone can have their own opinions on products and that's fine, but I have to comment on these things.... 1. We've never made anything for THEMShirts..... and I do believe they still exist. 2. We don't charge for artwork 99.9%...
  9. James23

    S and L materials

    I would get my full dyes made out of JJ23 material, but I may be a bit biased! :D All polyester has a chance to pick if not washed properly (stay away from velcro or zippers) or if you butt up to a fence or something... If you go with JJ23 or Magic fabric you should be fine. Anything that...
  10. James23

    GTG thanks S&L!!!!! awesome Jackets

    I don't often like digi camo... but I dig these. Nice design.
  11. James23

    Subliminated reversible youth basketball uniforms

    We can do them with no more than a 3 week turnaround. 1-414-727-0415 or [email protected]
  12. James23

    Looking for someone to make custom jersey

    We could do them as full dyes - contact us at [email protected] - They'd be $46 each
  13. James23

    Best Shirts Under $25

    LoL, the post was from May - not a big deal.
  14. James23

    needing jerseys for an august tourney - all made in USA - email [email protected] with any questions - 3 week turnaround.
  15. James23

    New s&l hats in stock

    I'm not sure exactly - they are all here - if they went up to 8 they are most likely a Pacific 404m.!online-store/cj08/!/~/category/id=8442594&offset=0&sort=priceAsc
  16. James23

    New s&l hats in stock

    The ones in the store are Richardson 165's - we also do Pacific 404m's
  17. James23

    New s&l hats in stock!store/c1us/!/~/category/id=8559129&offset=0&sort=normal We just got a bunch of the new Richardson flexfit flat-billed truckers in! Check them out!
  18. James23

    Louisville Slugger SWAG

    The product builder is coming...soon. If you ever want to see something mocked up before you buy you can email [email protected] and he'll get you a mockup.
  19. James23

    Louisville Slugger SWAG

    Which reminds me if anyone has an idea for a custom item you'd like to see for me! [email protected]
  20. James23

    Louisville Slugger SWAG

    Added the Z Bat Camo shirt everyone wanted - hoodies and 1/4 zips to come early next week....!online-store/cj08/!/~/product/category=8442193&id=33577566