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  1. exccsracer

    Pure still good?

    16 months later update- I scooped up another endloaded Integrity. 100+ swings in 45-50ish weather with Classic M’s. The first 10 swings they all sound like glass shattering and the paint still sucks but I’m keeping this one. They seem to run a .5-.75oz to the heavy side of the stamped weight. I...
  2. exccsracer

    Different Stamp on Balls

    There seems to be some inconsistency among directors. Per the NSA site, the 52 was legal through the end of this year. We had this happen to us back in January. We were using ICONS and when we were out of HR we switched to the 52's. After an inning we were told we had to use ICONS. I pointed out...
  3. exccsracer

    How would one go about I’m working on another at the moment with my “contact” in Japan.
  4. exccsracer

    How would one go about

    It is a size 14.
  5. exccsracer

    How would one go about Trying to do this on the fly from my phone. Hopefully the link is good.
  6. exccsracer

    How would one go about

    I ran across this thread researching the ASICS gloves. I’m currently in Japan at the moment and scooped up a glove yesterday. It’s an ASICS 14” OF model. Definitely plays small and it’s stiff as hell. I left the tags on it so and I’m still trying to decide whether I’m gonna game it or not. It...
  7. exccsracer

    Questions about 44pro

    I'd check the "order details" and see if there's anything they could've misunderstood. Then call customer service.
  8. exccsracer

    Questions about 44pro

    Get the Signature and I’d recommend the softball cut vs standard fielding cut. For the money you can’t go wrong if you’re playing and not just collecting.
  9. exccsracer

    44 pro signature series

    I just weighed them back to back. The all leather 12.75 was 1.40 lbs and the mesh 'murka 12.75 was 1.35 lbs.
  10. exccsracer

    44 pro signature series

    I've been happy with all Pro44, but in full disclosure, my goto gamer is my black/blonde A2K 1799. I did one in a 12.5 snakeskin blonde and black mesh. It's stiff as can be. The other was my first. Black and blonde traditional 12.75.
  11. exccsracer

    44 pro signature series

    I honestly couldn't tell a a difference in the weight. I'd have to put them on our scale at work and see.
  12. exccsracer

    44 pro signature series

    But to answer your questions.... How is the quality of the leather? I think it's just fine. Their kip isn't like A2K kip. What other gloves are they comparable to? Their top of the line is more equivalent to an A2000 or HoH to me. How do they hold up with time? I have 3 with my first all kip...
  13. exccsracer

    44 pro signature series

    I have 3 of them and they're fine. They're not on par with my A2K 1799 gamer but I still think they're pretty good for 1/2 the price. I'm a player and not a collector so you won't hear me nit pick all the details. This is my most recent one and I went with mesh.
  14. exccsracer

    2018 Branch legit

    I love mine. 75 swings and it's fire but already has a rattle. If I had to guess it's a repainted Fulk(which I have as well). They feel identical to me. Pick your color....
  15. exccsracer

    Pure still good?

    I went through(2) Integrity that both cracked around the handle like mentioned. One at 75 swings and the other in about 25. Awesome customer service from my experiences though. They didn't count them against my returns and even got a free pair of batting gloves with the second one. I think his...
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    What weight?
  17. exccsracer

    LTB Looking for 25 oz Freak 30

    I haven ASP Freak with 5 months left of warranty and sits right on the Utrip green line compression-wise. PM me if you're interested.
  18. exccsracer

    LTB 150-175 in PP What ya got?

    '16 Worth Triple Crown 26.5oz. 300 swings. Barcode and receipt. $155 shipped. PM for pics.
  19. exccsracer

    LTB Wilson 1799 RHT "Halloween"

    I think they call it the Halloween glove because it's orange tan and black. I have one now and I've slap worn it out and would like another. The newer the better. If you know you're overpriced please don't bother. PM me pictures and your best price to 29209. PayPal ready.
  20. exccsracer

    For Sale 2017 Miken F30 26oz NR $175

    Bat is sold.