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  1. James23

    Summer Special

    414-727-0415 [email protected]
  2. James23

    LS Hat SALE - $5 off through 8/26

    $5 off every hat on the site! Sale ends 8/26!online-store/cj08/!/Headwear/c/8442594/offset=0&sort=priceAsc
  3. James23

    New s&l hats in stock!store/c1us/!/~/category/id=8559129&offset=0&sort=normal We just got a bunch of the new Richardson flexfit flat-billed truckers in! Check them out!
  4. James23

    Week 1 Freeroll on Draftstreet

    A chance to make money with a $0 buyin...

    BAGS BLACK FRIDAY DEAL SAVE $10 (plus SHIPPING is FREE) on our new Monster Bat Bags & Bat Packs - offer good until 12/1/12 Questions email me at [email protected]
  6. James23

    custom Pacific 404m's

    Everyone loves the Pacific 404m trucker hat. You can get them completely custom now including flat billed. email me at [email protected] when you are ready to order your hats this year!
  7. James23

    Full Dye Basketball Jerseys These are hot! Get them now for your rec teams / kids travel team! They actually last for years instead of the cheap crap your coach is giving you now! We make them reversible as well.... along with matching shorts if you want. Email...
  8. James23

    Arm Sleeves

    Arm Sleeves - no minimums - completely custom $20 each Guaranteed to help you throw the ball 25 feet further.* Sizes: Youth Sm/Med Lrg/XL contact me at [email protected] to mock yours up today * I might be lying
  9. James23

    2013 Package Info

    If you are looking for package info for your teams for 2013 please email me at [email protected] Let me know what products you are interested in. We discount your package based on the total amount of items you are ordering at one time. No art or setup fees so its never too early to...
  10. James23

    Pretty Sweet New Semi-Dye Shirt

    I really like this new offering we have. The main color of the shirt will have to be WHITE, but the other two side panel colors can be pretty much whatever you want. This is a great option for teams that don't have the budget for 2 full dye shirts. By themselves these are $30 each...
  11. James23

    Win a free s& hat

    For you Facebook users out there.....a simple prediction and you could win a free S&L hat of your choice...
  12. James23

    Dallas @ New England - WIN A FREE S&L HAT

    Win a HAT of your choice if you are the person closest to the actual score of the Cowboys / Patriots shootout this weekend. You have to post your prediction on our facebook page...
  13. James23

    Bowling? Basketball? Darts?

    Email me at [email protected] if you need shirts for your other recreational hobbies - we aren't just a softball company anymore!
  14. James23

    Arm Sleeves

    We do make custom arm sleeves now (no minimum) - put your logo/name/number and whatever pattern you want in the background. $19.99 each available in Sm/Med or Lrg/XL for the big guns!
  15. James23

    Diamond Plate done right....

  16. James23

    Latest Picture Examples

    Anyone looking for ideas - you can always check out some of the latest things we've done at our photobucket link....
  17. James23

    Special on Performance Tech Tee's
  18. James23

    Looking For Something Other Than Fantasy Football?

    Checkout - I run a league using the site (with a $100 entry fee that pays out some really good money) - it only takes minutes a week to play. I'm hoping to grow my league so we can boost up the pot. Email me at [email protected] if you'd like the information to join...
  19. James23

    For Sale 7 USSSA Sticks For Sale - All Returnable - Mostly Worths

    If you click on the pictures they become much larger. I've been out of the bat buying/selling game for awhile, so if any of my prices are off just make an offer. If you have any questions please ask! All bats are returnable. If you want to see more pictures of a certain stick just PM me your...
  20. James23

    Hello! Contact info!

    Sales Staff: Joe ([email protected]) James23 on SBF Mike ([email protected]) MWEJ54 on SBF You can reach us at 414.727.0415 301 W Vogel St. Milwaukee WI 53207