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  1. TheJackal666

    LTB Paintball Setup

    Try here... For $150, you won't get much.
  2. TheJackal666

    Buying a bat looking for some advice!!!

    Freak 98 or Recoil.....Proven durability and, now that the prices came down, affordable.
  3. TheJackal666

    league fees question

    We paid $52 each (12 players) for 12 games (Summer) including umps and balls in one league (Wednesdays) and are fully sponsored in another (Sundays). I know what the fees are and I'll be damned if I'm going to pay extra because some guys on the team may not pay. If the manager can't be straight...
  4. TheJackal666

    LTB Verizon phone

    Thx mudawg. I'll look into it.
  5. TheJackal666

    LTB Verizon phone

    Dropped my Razr HD this weekend and cracked the screen. It still works, so I'm not desperate for a new one. I'm not an Apple fan and the phone before the Razr was a Thunderbolt. Would like something similar to either of the 2. Must be in good shape and not cost $500.
  6. TheJackal666

    Softball Playoffs

    TD was correct...
  7. TheJackal666

    Team Name Suggestions

    "No Names"
  8. TheJackal666

    McDavid Leg sleeve

    I wear pants no matter how hot it gets.
  9. TheJackal666

    Any SBF members 35 yrs+ ??

    I played twice a week and subbed 2 more. My fiancee came to just about every game. Now I work till 6:30 and can only play Sunday Leagues :(
  10. TheJackal666

    Any SBF members 35 yrs+ ??

    Lifetime ABC/USBC member since March 14, 1996. though I haven't thrown a ball since March '09. BTW....I'll be 45 in 3 weeks :)
  11. TheJackal666

    Swinging ASA sticks in other associations?

    I swing my F98 in all leagues and tourneys. It's the bat I'm used to and feel most comfortable swinging. As for breaking it, I doubt it'll happen anytime soon. But, if it does, I have backups.
  12. TheJackal666

    ups shipping blunder

    Then you have a nice driver that's willing to lose his job. That is against all delivery companies policy (UPS, FedEx, USPS, etc).
  13. TheJackal666

    Your thoughts on bats

    Search function was broken I reckon.
  14. TheJackal666

    empty USPS box..

    Sounds right to me.....
  15. TheJackal666

    USPS mailing/shipping question

    Letter limit is 13oz in a letter. Length of time depends on distance and method of shipment. 'A few weeks' is way to long, even through regular mail.
  16. TheJackal666

    Question on serial number

    Call Miken...877-807-5291
  17. TheJackal666

    Some BS

    We'll see when someone gets hurt due to someone using a UTrip bat in an ASA game.
  18. TheJackal666

    Bat sale question

    Have you PM'ed asking if the money was sent? If yes with no response....move on.
  19. TheJackal666

    Bat Cracks Please ASSIST!!

    Send it back and get an F98.
  20. TheJackal666

    What a waste....

    If he has the goods to back up his talk, let him go. They all calm down as they get older.