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  1. BrewCrewBaller

    Westside Cleveland ball

    Anybody know of any leagues. I'm in river. Also where are some good batting cages?
  2. BrewCrewBaller

    GTG Team Madness is GTG

    Thanks for the bats.
  3. BrewCrewBaller

    GTG eeyore is gtg

    payed promptly for a couple bats. Thanks!
  4. BrewCrewBaller

    GTG mlp2435 is gtg

    did a 1 for 1 trade, shipped fast, product is as described. Good Board Bro.
  5. BrewCrewBaller

    LTB NIW 28oz CNT+RI

    Like the title says LTB a NIW CNT+ RI 28oz only.LMK
  6. BrewCrewBaller

    For Sale 30oz Package Deal

    **bat is sold**I've accepted I am not an ax swinign lumberjack:mad: Need to get rid of these guys. The Utrip version was acquired here a couple seasons ago. I personally only put 100ish swings on it. It has webbing and clicks when you tap it. The ASA Stealth has less than 500 swings no clicking...
  7. BrewCrewBaller

    For Trade Need 28 oz Utrip bat

    ****BATS TRADED*****I have a 28oz ASA Recoil 180 weighing in at 28.3ish with stock grip and one of those small gnr's still in great shape, plenty of life left. Did some BP and played a few games. Needs some work still. Looking for CNT + 28 oz or something similar.
  8. BrewCrewBaller

    Batboy25 is GTG....

    Traded up some Eastons with John. Very GTG guy. Thanks for a great deal.
  9. BrewCrewBaller

    LTT 09 Helmer+ for Stealth+

    TRADED its a 30oz Helmer+ few hundred swings tops. Great shape. Looking to get an 28oz or 30oz SCN6 or SCN12 in return, similar condition. Would like to see pics of trade offers. Thanks
  10. BrewCrewBaller

    LTB NIW 28oz SCN9

    returnable is ideal but will take WR or NR for the right price. LMK
  11. BrewCrewBaller

    edysert brought me back...

    into the logging industry, with a 30oz 09 Helmer, which is GTG by the way! Thanks for the great deal.
  12. BrewCrewBaller

    JRR12 is GTG....

    Thanks for the phitens and a great deal too.
  13. BrewCrewBaller

    lastkidpicked is gtg....

    shipped fast and was great to deal with. Thanks for adding to my PST addiction.
  14. BrewCrewBaller

    dtreidjr ball deals are GTG.....

    wont hesitate to deal with later on...thanks again
  15. BrewCrewBaller

    wickedstixxs has got the hookup....

    and its gtg:cool: shipped some turfs quickly to me last week and will be looking to keep doing business in the future
  16. BrewCrewBaller

    optimal_max is gtg...

    thanks for a great deal
  17. BrewCrewBaller

    vinniesuch is gtg!!

    made a great trade with Vinnie. Very good communication and fast shipping. Thanks for a great deal!
  18. BrewCrewBaller

    BigDew22 is a.....

    great board bro.....I bought some elite turfs for cheap, he shipped fast and threw in some batting gloves to maek a good deal great!
  19. BrewCrewBaller

    bartmanz is gtg......

    Bought a PST from him, shipped fast and good description.