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    OG Fireflex and Baker

    Looking to sell only, NO TRADES 26 oz OG "AE" barcode fire flex with 200 swings- $190 26 oz 2017 Baker with around 30 swings on it- $150 Prices are negotiable, text 864-506-6868 for more info and pictures
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    2018 Fab 14

    Looking for the blue Fab 14 26.5. Doesn’t need to have a return, just needs to be in good condition. Got trade bait if someone is looking for a trade as well
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    6 Bat Backpack

    Anyone have a 6 bat backpack for sale or possible trade for a psycho I have . Not interested in a roller
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    Easton Fab 14

    Looking for a 26.5 oz fab 14. Newer or older and doesn’t matter if it has the paperwork or NR
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    2015 Miken Psycho

    Looking for a price check or trades on this 2015 Psycho. Don't really know much about it other then its 26 oz and that there is no webbing or anything like that. PM or text 864-506-6868
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    26 oz Blue Line

    Just looking to see what kind of trades are out there for my 26 oz Blue Line. Looking for 26-27 oz newer Easton or Miken bats only. Has barcode but the warranty ran out in January SOLD
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    26 oz 2018 Lloyd

    Looking to sell or trade my 26 oz Lloyd. Don't really know how much to sell for so I'm mainly looking to trade for something 26 oz or 27 oz. The bat has about 100 swings on it
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    2017 USSSA Baker Flex

    Looking for a 26oz or possibly a 27oz u-trip Easton baker flex. I can buy or possibly trade
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    2017 Avacado

    Looking for a 26.5oz avacado for sale or for trade. Could also do a trade and add some cash with my bat
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    Black Easton Helmer Flex

    Looking for a 27 oz black Helmer Flex in pretty good condition
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    2017 Helmer Flex

    Looking for a 2017 Helmer Flex preferably 27oz
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    Fire Flex or Fire Flex 2

    Looking to find the orange and blue fire flex or fire flex 2. 26 oz preferably but maybe a 27 oz too
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    RHT First Base Glove

    Looking for a right handed first base glove. Preferably 12.75-13”
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    26 oz Demarini Nautalai

    Just trying to see if there are any offers out there for this bat. $190 or willing to trade too. 26 oz with all the paperwork and barcodes. Maybe 70 swings
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    2018 Harvey Worth

    Helping a friend out. He is looking for a good price on a 2018 Harvey Worth 26oz
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    2016 Helmer Flex

    27 oz Helmer Flex. Around 150-200 swings. Asking $110
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    Both for $120?

    Super Z and Mizuno Blackout. Both are 28/28.5 oz
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    Price Check 2016 Helmer Flex

    Not sure how much to sell it for.
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    2017 Helmer Flex ASA

    Anyone have anything to trade for a 26 oz ASA helmer flex? Pm me
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    Price check?

    How much is my 29.5 oz Combat Guilt worth? About 150 swings on it maybe