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  1. TheJackal666

    LTB Verizon phone

    Dropped my Razr HD this weekend and cracked the screen. It still works, so I'm not desperate for a new one. I'm not an Apple fan and the phone before the Razr was a Thunderbolt. Would like something similar to either of the 2. Must be in good shape and not cost $500.
  2. TheJackal666

    Game cancelled

    Yesterday 76 and sunny. Took the dogs to the park with my fiancee. Today?
  3. TheJackal666

    LTB Laptop

    My fiancees old Gateway finally gave out. Doesn't have to be top of the line, but not garbage either. Mainly looking for something running on XP, 15" (14 might work) screen, minimum 1GB Ram (2GB better) and a decent (not huge) HD. I really don't want anyone's garbage. It's to my benefit that...
  4. TheJackal666

    GTG kendo347 is VGTG

    Bat came just as described and packed extremely well. PM me if you have any questions dealing with him. Wish they all communicated as quickly and often as he did.
  5. TheJackal666

    LTB 30oz Freak 98

    Looking for one for a team mate. No shaved bats. I'll have to check with him on budget. Please shoot pics to [email protected], post here or send in PM please.
  6. TheJackal666

    How many GTG...

    should you have before you don't need to ship 1st anymore?
  7. TheJackal666

    GTG Don't hesitate to do business with Ronn050

    Chalk another one up for Ronn050. fast shipper and took forever to get the packing open. Would buy from without hesitation.
  8. TheJackal666

    For sale....

    "Miken for sale, first $150 takes it. PM me for paypal address." I've been seeing more and more threads in the sale section similar to this. No pics, no description, need to pm for crappy cell pics.
  9. TheJackal666

    Turf sizing....

    Do Mizuno Turfs still run 1/2 size small? I have the Wave Trainer G3 in a size 11 (I wear 10 1/2) and thinking of getting a new pair (Blasts, G5, etc).
  10. TheJackal666

    GTG Jacobslair is GTG

    Great communication, well packed package. Would do business with again.
  11. TheJackal666

    Del. Conf. vs Return receipt vs Sig. Conf.

    Here I broke down the 3 RECOMMENDED methods of shipping using the post office. Delivery confirmation = $0.70-$0.80 Retail, $0.19 Pro - Electronic....provides proof the package was delivered. Con - Does NOT provide proof the recipient actually received it. Return receipt = $1.10...
  12. TheJackal666

    For Sale/Trade Balanced 28oz USSSA Recoil $120obo

    I bought this bat NIW from a board member last season thinking I'll be joining a certain team. Since things didn't work out, I have no use for it. Used it for maybe 10-15 games. Returnable, balanced version. I do NOT have a valid receipt. No cracks, rattles or endcap separation.....Willing to...
  13. TheJackal666

    GTG gg22

    Item just as described. Took some time to open because of all the damn tape :) Would recommend.
  14. TheJackal666

    GTG Big_Papi28 has.....

    come though. Glove arrived in 2 days safe and sound. Thanks!!!!
  15. TheJackal666

    GTG CHIEFWAHOO5 is gtg

    Package arrived safe and packed well. Condition was just as described in his thread.
  16. TheJackal666

    XL #99 Jerseys/T-shirts

    Just need something light for league.....
  17. TheJackal666

    Speaking a 2nd language on the field...

    It's funny when we play an Hispanic team and they think because we don't LOOK Hispanic, that we can't SPEAK it. Not sure about the rest of the team, but I understand enough to get me by. Men on 1st and 2nd...1 out. I'm playing 2B and the runner on 2nd sees me cheating the middle (where the...
  18. TheJackal666


    He bought a glove from me and paid promptly. Let me know when he got it as promised. Good communicator. Definitely GTG.
  19. TheJackal666

    No games this week

    Not a single game scheduled all week in Last game I played 6/23, next game will be 7/6....
  20. TheJackal666

    GTG Regent1 is def GTG

    Pants were just as described. Fast shipping and good communication. Wouldn't hesitate to do business with again.