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  1. Protectyaneck


    I shouldve vetted him better, so its on me, lesson learned, but nobody do a deal with this prick. Says his name is David Watson. Tried to do a trade, OG Mercy for an OG DNA straight up, and this is what ends up in...
  2. Protectyaneck

    MINTY 25oz Monsta TorchMutated

    20, 30 tee swings. Couldn't get a feel for it. SOLD FOR ASKING
  3. Protectyaneck

    LTB Demarini Steel 26oz

    Looking for something super clean or mint, thanks!
  4. Protectyaneck

    For Sale USA/ASA Onyx First Born 25.5oz

    Both sold.
  5. Protectyaneck

    For Sale ASA/USA Jeff Hall Worth 26.5

    Only the Jeff Hall left. 1) 26.5 Worth Sick Jeff Hall HD52 Reload. One piece, unknown hits almost broken in, no cracks/rattles/seams. $70 2) **SOLD** 25.5 Monsta Warrior. Endloaded Torch. Less than 300 hits, no webbing yet, no field wear, no cracks/rattles/seams. Clean it up and you can...
  6. Protectyaneck

    LTB 2018 Worth EST ASA

    Buddy looking for one NIW or mint…anybody got one? The pink stick, 26oz.
  7. Protectyaneck

    LTB 2019 Freak Primo Maxload ASA/USA

    Anybody got one? Black, silver and blue model.
  8. Protectyaneck

    LTB IMX Eastons

    26oz Endloaded. Like an L4. Who’s got one?
  9. Protectyaneck

    LTB Demarini Yeti

    Anybody got one laying around?
  10. Protectyaneck

    ASA Fu Dawg

    Looking for a 26...
  11. Protectyaneck

    LTTF 26oz Anarchy Demon or Nitrous

    pm me if ya got one
  12. Protectyaneck

    2015 Demarini Yeti

    Anybody got one in a 26oz?
  13. Protectyaneck

    LTB 2014 Demarini Mercy 25oz

    Anybody got one?
  14. Protectyaneck

    LTB Demarini White Steel

    Looking for a 26 oz. Thanks!
  15. Protectyaneck

    LTB Torch

    Looking for a Torch with a 3500 handle. Don’t care which paint job.
  16. Protectyaneck

    2014 Juggy 26oz

    looking to buy...let me know if ya got one to unload!