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    Available for fall in and around the Joliet, IL area

    Will travel within an hour or so of my location. Infielder w/ experience at all 4 positions. Decent bat. Mostly played USSSA so only have USSSA bats.
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    For Sale Baden Axe 28oz

    For sale is this Baden Axe that I picked up off the board a few months back. Had around 50 swings when I bought it and I put probably another 50 on it. Just have too many other bats in the rotation for this one to get much use.Bat has some cosmetic flaws that I have added in the pictures, tried...
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    For Sale Rawlings HOH PRO205-6GWBT

    For sale is this very lightly used HOH. 11.75” H- Web. Played catch with it and while I did use it in 1 game, it’s very very stiff. I game my gloves well before they’re slightly broken in lol. If you have any questions PM. Price is $130 OBO. Will also consider trades for 26-27 oz USSSA bats.
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    LTB Wilson a2000 x2

    Looking for one in as good of condition as possible. LMK
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    Trade Help

    8 man keeper league, 1 PPR. Trade in questions: Me sending Gronk, James Connor, and Deshawn Watson for Melvin Gordon, Tyler Eifert, and Matt Stafford. I have Mahomes as my QB for now. My other RB's are Carlos Hyde, Howard and Gurley. I have O.J. Howard who's having a good year with Tampa, and...
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    LTB .44/375 balls

    Looking to pick up a couple dozen balls for BP. LMK
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    LTB 11.5-12.25” Wilson a2000/HOH

    let me know what you guys have, also have a google home I’d be willing to trade plus cash. Lmk
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    For Sale Price Check, 16 GB iPhone 6 (AT&T)and 64 GB Space Grey iPhone 6(sprint)

    Looking to check the price on both of these, these are my friends old phones. Space Grey is in Mint Condition, gold has mono crack in left corner( away from viewing area) as well as tiny chip on the top right. TIA!
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    Glove bros and Tobacco

    Hey guys, been gone for a while but it's good to be back. Something I've always noticed around sports, for me those being baseball, football, and softball, is smokeless tobacco. I have used either chew or dip since I was 14 years old. What about the rest of y'all? If you guys do, what are your...
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    Not GTG Eric Hemingway/Christine Hemingway

    This deal was made a long time ago and the pm's were lost, so I can't find the username as of now. Sold a pair of oakleys to this person for $50. Almost 2 months later after confirming they have and enjoyed the glasses, opened a PayPal claim, claiming use without knowledge. If anyone can help me...
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    LTB Rawlings PRONP5TLB or other rawlings 11.5-12" with H web

    Looking to pick one up, would prefer used, let me know what you guys have
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    LTB Catchers mitt

    One of the kids I coach has been using the same catchers mitt for the past 5 years and it's just torn up at this point. Looking to pick up something for him. Price range is about $100 so not expecting something crazy, but looking for a used high end glove.
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    For Sale Pro Issue Wilson 1781

    This glove is amazing but due to injury I won't be able to use it. Glove has been used by me for one round of catch. Still sits wide open, leather is still stiff, most of the ability to close comes from the fingers being loosened. Whoever picks this will love their glove. I'm asking $275...
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    For Sale/Trade Rawlings PRO200-1 11.5" single post

    Mostly looking to move this due to injury. Glove has been used for 2 rounds of catch. Still sits wide open, has T. kim written on thumb and pinky loop, can be covered with brown sharpie. Asking $190 shipped, open to trade. Would like an 11.5-12" glove with an h web. Any other questions just ask...
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    Price check/Anyone know anything about this?

    I just picked this up in a trade, don't think it'll crack the starting line up with a PI 1781 on the way. It's unlike everything I've seen before with the pro flares. Model # is FL1175EI. Search brought up nothing for me. Glove is game ready but still sits open on it's side. Lace seems to be...
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    For Trade Spalding Pro Select 12.75" Trapeze

    Looking to trade this as it turns out I won't be in the outfield at all. Glove can be closed but still needs forming and shaping, as it sits wide open on it's side. Used traditional with index in, so you can use it however you please. Looking for a glove under 12". Would prefer an I-Web, Mod...
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    Price check: Wilson Advisory Staff A2225 Barry Larkin 12" model

    Found this in my fiancées garage, figured it's gotta be worth a few bucks. Leather is in amazing shape, nice and supple leather with a perfect hand stall. Lmk guys.
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    LTB LTB/trade for a pronp5tlb

    Looking to buy first, but I have a mint RTD model pro200-1 that I would trade plus cash on your end. Lmk guys
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    For Sale Nike Free 5.0+ Size 11.5

    Picked these up and tried them on twice, and their just a bit to small for me, thought I could squeeze in as I normally wear a 12 but couldn't. Never seen the ground outside of the store and my room. Asking $70 gifted or add fees shipped to your door. Thanks in advance!
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    For Sale/Trade Oakley Holbrooks

    Glassss have been used but I got a new pair for my birthday so these just lay around. Have some scratches on the lenses, tried my best to show in the pics. Lenses are polarized. All brown. Asking $60 gifted or add fees. Might trade for a sub 12" glove, but would prefer to sell. Thanks in advance!