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    For Sale 27oz Assault G5

    For sale, 27oz Assault G5, 2pc... Asking $125, shipped from 14305... SOLD Great bat, rivals the original Avarice IMHO.
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    For Sale 27oz Freak30

    For sale, 27oz Miken, Freak 30... Asking $125, shipped from 14305. Not sure of exact hit number, as I am the 2nd owner. I was told approx. 200 when I bought it, and I have maybe another 200 on it. No cracks or rattles, in pretty good condition.
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    26oz Dudley 12 for sale

    SOLD For sale is my 26oz Dudley 12 inch, EL... Asking $125, shipped from 14305 No issues, approx. 300 swings.
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    Louisville Slugger Prime Rig Wheeled Bag

    Hey guys, Any experience or opinions on the new Louisville Slugger Prime Rig Wheeled Bag... My Demarini OPS roller is on it's last legs, literally, as it dropped a wheel sometime during my last tourney. I can't...
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    For Sale Vinci PJV16 for sale.

    SOLD For sale is my Vinci PJV16, asking $95 shipped... Reduced to $85 shipped PP as F&F… will ship from 14305, as 2 day Priority. Pretty good condition and has not been gamed much since having it re-laced back in August of 2014 by Rous. Rous also reworked the thump and pinky stays at that...
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    For Sale Nokona AMG650KB

    SOLD… For sale is my Nokona AMG650KB, asking $85 shipped, PP as F&F. Will ship from 14305, 2 day priority. I bought tho new from the SBF store and back in may of 2014 I had Dirty relace her Tan lace and swap in a Mizuno H-Web… see video...
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    For Sale 26oz Miken Black for sale.

    SOLD for asking price. For sale is my 26oz Freak Black. Great condition, probably 500-600 hits on it. Last compression test came in at 225. Asking $145 shipped, PP as F&F. Ships from 14305, 2 day priority.
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    27oz Balanced Dudley for sale.

    SOLD For sale is my 50-60 hit 27oz Lightening Balanced. Asking $160… price lowered to $140 shipped, PP as F&F. Ships from 14305, 2 day priority.
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    LTB Wilson 1799 A2K

    I am looking to buy a 2016 Wilson A2K 1799, right hand throw. Brand new or as new is what I am after. Or a hook up from anybody that knows where they can be had at a good price. I was kind of hoping that Chad could do a good price but the store price of $359 is pretty rich for me right now.
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    PROS303B vs A2K 1799

    I know this has been asked a million times but I am wondering what the thoughts are on the comparison of the "current" 2016 Rawlings Pro Preferred PROS303B vs the 2016 Wilson A2K 1799 for softball outfield?
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    For Sale Wilson 1781

    For sale only... Wilson 1781 (Retail model). Asking $160... SOLD This great glove has not been gamed, just coach catch (conventionally) and worked on moderatly during warm ups this summer, still needs more break in. Marked as a 12.25" glove, I feel it plays a bit larger than that.
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    Senior bat for sale...

    Hey guys, I am looking to move my new Ultra II (Green on)...
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    For Sale 26oz Freak12

    For sale only is my 26oz Freak12... SOLD It is returnable but no receipt. Has about 200-250 swings. No issues, not even any webbing yet. Great bat, I am just liking my 25oz F12 better.
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    For Sale 2016 Miken Ultra II

    For sale is my 2016 Miken Ultra II Black Maxload... SOLD I got this bat in early October from Alan and was able to put about 40-50 tee swings on it. With me swinging the Freak12 all season in UTRIP and my 12" Dudley in the couple Senior tourneys, I seem to hit better with a 12". But with that...
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    For Sale 26oz White DC41

    For sale only... New price, $165 shipped. This returnable bat is about a year old, I am not sure if it has a few weeks left on receipt but I will check when I get home tonight. It has a good 800plus hits on it, primarily with Hot Dots. It tested 225 at the end of May... it is hitting very hot...
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    Miken Freak Black Senior?

    Who has tried this bat, and what did you think? I only play USSSA and for this season have settled on Miken bats. Mid way through last season I got a White DC41 and this bat made my other bats obsolete. This season I picked up a Freak12 and a Freak Black USSSA and they are right up there...
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    For Sale 27oz 4TF

    I have a 100hit 4TF for sale... SOLD Comes with receipt date March 09, 2015. No cracks or webbing and has a very slight rattle which was there from brand new. The only trade would be a 25oz or 26oz Freak12 in similar condition with receipt and bar code.
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    For Sale Assault G4, 2 piece

    ***SOLD***For sale is my 26oz G4, 2 piece... $225 shipped, F&F. With receipt, dated a month ago It has about 40 Tee cuts and maybe another 40 live cuts on it. No cracks and it is just starting to web up a bit. It scaled in at 25.6oz.
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    For Sale 26oz OG Z2000 EL

    I am reluctantly selling my 26oz OG Z2000 EL... GONZO !!! She in decent shape with minimal webbing, no rattle, just some diamond rash. It does not have a QC# on handle but has no signs on letting down. I bought it with a reported 500 swings and have put about another 300 or so on it. Scales in...
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    For Trade 26.5oz Future

    For Sale is my 26.5 Future, with receipt. About 3-400 swings, a bit of diamond rash but no cracks, rattles or webbing. OEM grip has been replaced with a Lizard Skins grip (best grip I have ever tried). Receipt dated... 6-18-2014. SOLD... at $215