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  1. Morris

    Your Cleveland Browns

    got Landry and Tyrod. Barkley at 1, Fitzpatrick or Chubb at 4.
  2. Morris

    Keep gronk and lose 2nd round pick?

    keeping Julio and losing my first already
  3. Morris


  4. Morris


    seattle vs Rams Minny vs colts
  5. Morris

    Thomas ****ing rawls

    hate on
  6. Morris

    So called Michigan fans

    any of you chumps wanna put some pesos down?
  7. Morris


    hopkins Rawls Meredith Cobb
  8. Morris

    Hey onefiver.....

  9. Morris

    Forsett or m Wallace for today?

  10. Morris

    Since there's Buckeyes haters here...... This thread is for you ****s

    best god damn team in the nation
  11. Morris

    Onefiver you old dumbass

    carrol " Rawls is starting week 2" OC Bevell " Rawls always was our guy for this year"
  12. Morris

    Rivers or osweiler?

    also think carrol is playing me on this Michael/Rawls ****
  13. Morris

    Fantasy football

    just wanna let the two leagues I'm in in here know I want back in both of them. Not on much at all anymore so heads up. **** off.