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  1. Goater

    need Demarini Ultimate Weapon

    He would be trading 27 oz composites. As for the Demarini ... I presume he would tale a 26, 27 or 28 with the two lighter ones being preferred
  2. Goater

    need Demarini Ultimate Weapon

    Writing this for my son. He plays in a single wall league. He would like to trade for a Demarini Ultimate Weapon. He would offer a couple of older Utrip composite bats. More if you are interested and have the bat to trade.
  3. Goater

    TRX training....

    I like this one ...
  4. Goater

    Miken Pro Series

    I'm considering buying a Miken Pro Series Glove 14" .... any feedback from current or former owners
  5. Goater

    thumb device

    I just became aware of this device but haven't tried one. I'm curious to get feedback from other senior softballers. There are several brands ... ThumbPro, thumbper, Prohitter. Has anyone used one of these and what do you think? I already take care to hold the bat in my fingers and line up my...
  6. Goater

    this is us

  7. Goater

    Easton Aluminum

    Selling for $75 each, will consider offers ... would trade one for a DeMarini Ultimate Weapon 1) Reflex C-Core SRX100-CX ... C405 ... 26 Oz. 2) Redline C-Core SZ1-C ... Scandium ... 27 Oz 3) Reflex Ultra Dan Schuck SRX2DS ... C405 ... 28 Oz Additional photos on request
  8. Goater

    Knee Replacement

    I'm 195 and was about 185 when I had the surgery ... my age was 71
  9. Goater

    Knee Replacement

    When I first came back after about 4 months, I switched from being an outfielder to first base. My league allows a runner from home when justified so I took advantage of that during the first season. I was fairly fast before the issues set in and was usually a designated runner. I've obviously...
  10. Goater

    Senior Bats=Knuckleballs???

    IMHO, warlock nailed it
  11. Goater

    Senior BP in San Diego?

    PM'ed him ... thanks I did have feed back on one drop in ... not senior exclusive but senior friendly
  12. Goater

    Senior BP in San Diego?

    I play senior ball in the SF Bay Area ... two leagues and a pickup BP each week. I'm 70 years old. We will be vacationing in San Diego in mid August and I don't like to miss an entire week. Are there any senior drop in BP sessions going on in SD? Ideal would be near Ocean Beach where we are...
  13. Goater

    For Sale Three Og Sr. Combat...

    price and weight? for the Senior Gear?
  14. Goater

    crack in bat

    My experience has been that it is sometimes hard to verify that a bat is cracked. It may be a scratch, or a paint crack. I'm currently in this situation. Does anyone know if it works or has anyone tried to do a dye penetrant check as is done with cracks in metal I will likely get an answer...
  15. Goater

    unloader knee brace

    got mine yesterday .... jury is still out ... will take some getting used to. I was going to use it in the game today but was told to take it slowly to adjust to the brace and essentially break it in. I'll try it in a game next week
  16. Goater

    unloader knee brace

    I'm getting my brace in a week, so I'll see how it goes. I hope the brace allows me enough movement. Thanks for the feedback
  17. Goater

    unloader knee brace

    LT44 ... how did the knee replacement impact your softball life?
  18. Goater

    unloader knee brace

    Curious ... first time I've opened Softball Fans in a few weeks. I'm 8 weeks after being scoped (torn meniscus and arthritis) .. really similar situation to LB21's OP. I'm being fitted tomorrow for the same brace. I hope a few more folks jump in with their opinions/results from using this...
  19. Goater

    micro fracture

    Turns out it was a moot point ... had surgery today ... the surgeon did the meniscus and the other clean up but skipped the micro fracture because the area impacted by arthritis was too extensive .... he said that I'd likely need a knee replacement in the not too distant future. Here's hoping I...
  20. Goater

    micro fracture

    mannjo .... those are the stories I like to hear ... thanks for the positive bump