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  1. MillWoodJones#7

    Tanel Roller Bag vs Demarini Black Ops

    Hey guys... need some input from Fellow Board Bros!! Demarini Black Ops Roller vs. Tanel RAGE Roller Bag would love input on people that have had both.. what they liked, disliked.. the everyday wear and tear how each bag hold ups... zippers and the material and pockets... LMK...
  2. MillWoodJones#7

    For Sale 2015 The One

    - For Sale - 28oz. 2015 The One Less than 120 swings on it. Bat still has OG Grip. Bat has Return and Rec. Dated 3/24/15 Nothing wrong with bat other than my teammate cant swing it and wants to sell it. HAHA He is asking for $190 The One on the Scale PM ME LMK or Text...
  3. MillWoodJones#7

    For Sale 2014 USSSA Portent & ASA Derby Boys

    Looking to Sell: 27oz. USSSA Portent - 300-400 Swings - Has Return - Asking $90 27oz. ASA Derby Boys - 150-200 Swings - Has Return - Traded Bat is in Good Ccondition, No rattles or Combat Zippers, End Caps are all tight. Normal Bag and field marks. OG Grip on the Bat. USSSA Portent...
  4. MillWoodJones#7

    Price Check 2015 The One 28oz

    Need a price check on a 28oz 2015 The One. Returnable with a rec. less than 100 swings... LMK what you guys think a fair price is..
  5. MillWoodJones#7

    Curious on Ideas for Sponsorship for a Tournament Team

    Hey guys, Just curious if anyone has any ideas on what to do. We are traveling tournament team. We play in the Pac. NW. We are looking for some sponsors... any ideas?? Cant really use Bars like a league team since we primarily travel around the State. Wasnt sure if anyone has any suggestions...
  6. MillWoodJones#7

    ASA Progressive HR Rule

    Just curious... as to this rule never seems to be Consistent in my area.. In a Progressive HR Rule Tournament, can the Home team go up +1 in HR's in the Bottom of the 7th?
  7. MillWoodJones#7

    LTB 26oz US Aerial Assault

    Looking to buy US Aerial Assault 26oz... PM ME Curious whats still out there..
  8. MillWoodJones#7

    US Aerial Assault 2014 vs 2015

    Any difference between the 2014 model vs 2015 model? Im looking for a 26oz.. just curious if there is a major difference!! Thanks for your Input.. PM ME if you have a line on a great deal!
  9. MillWoodJones#7

    Price Check Price Check on a Plague G2

    Price Check on a Plague G2 27oz. less than 20 Swings
  10. MillWoodJones#7

    For Sale/Trade Miken PSYCHO ASA 26oz

    For Sale or Trade Miken Psycho ASA 26oz Bat is a No Warranty. Bat is in very good shape. Some bag/field wear. End cap is tight. Asking $110 or trade for CL22 27oz w/ return. Text for Quickest Response 509-435-1041
  11. MillWoodJones#7

    LTTF CL22 27oz. w/ return

    Looking to acquire any CL22 27oz. I have CL22 26oz & Miken Psycho ASA only 26oz as trade bait. CL22 has return, Miken is No Return
  12. MillWoodJones#7

    GTG uprising

    uprising is Good to Go!!! Great 2 bats for 2 bats trade.
  13. MillWoodJones#7

    For Sale Vinci BMB-OB Tan Leather w/ Black Mesh

    For Sale... Vinci BMB-OB 13 Inch. Tan Leather w/ Black Mesh Back Glove is in great condition. Has seen little Game Play. Glove is still stiff on thumb and fingers. I take amazing care of my gloves. Asking $180 Shipped to anywhere in US Pics...
  14. MillWoodJones#7

    For Sale OG Synergy Extended SCX3, 28oz.

    Looking to sale my OG Synergy Extended SCX3 28 oz. , weighs 27.85 on the scale without a grip, Pic below Bat is in great condition, Doesn't show any webbing. Approx. 450-500 BP Swings, 150 Game Swings Less than the usual end cap wear, End cap is extremely tight!! Asking $275 Shipped...
  15. MillWoodJones#7

    For Sale Vinci JD73-L, Exclusive White Laces

    For Sale.... $140 Firm, Priced to go Vinci Pro JD73-L 12.5" Exclusive White Laces, Glove has been well taken care of, broken in and ready to use. Conditioned properly, and Vinci Conditioner included. Thanks For Looking!!