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  1. EKIM

    Looking for a Mens League in Connecticut

    did you ever find a league?
  2. EKIM

    LTB 27 Miken HB

    Looking to buy a Miken Freak HB (SBF exclusive). 27oz preferred. Best shape possible. Thanks.
  3. EKIM

    Jim-mer stick...How are they weighted/balanced??

    I have a 5 and its pretty dang heavy. Balance point wise I'm unsure. I use it mostly for stretching. I'll take a few hacks at the beginning of BP but nothing crazy. I bet if I had the 3.5 I'd take more cuts with it.
  4. EKIM

    For Trade L1 & B3

    Sold em for asking. Thanks!
  5. EKIM

    For Trade L1 & B3

    Willing to sell
  6. EKIM

    For Trade L1 & B3

    82FEB913-D29C-4A54-953A-B361BD33606A by EKIM posted Nov 20, 2020 at 11:24 AM A4A4CC6A-8276-4DFF-8090-49569E3CFB99 by EKIM posted Nov 20, 2020 at 11:24 AM Both 28 B3 in really good shape L1 decent shape No cracks or rattles Would trade for similar year eastons but maybe a little lighter...
  7. EKIM

    Wilson ELO-B

    Looking for a price check on this Wilson. My buddy is thinking about selling it but he isn't sure what these are worth. Its in really nice shape. Seems to be broken in traditional. Any feedback is appreciated. If he decides to sell I will list it on here so please let me know if you're...
  8. EKIM

    LTB Evil 52/300 BP

    @Bobby Buggs
  9. EKIM

    2020 1st tourney

    My Caution weighs in at 28.6 with a grip on it. My Barnyard comes in at 26.7 with grip. The Barnyard is a newer bat company out of MA. They have a few different slowpitch models with varying weights which is nice if you're used to swinging a lighter bat. Durability wise the Caution should...
  10. EKIM

    For Sale/Trade June Horween Limited BH34 13" Has Arrived

    How big is the hand stall? Tight or is there room in there?
  11. EKIM

    Going To Wood Bat League

    I have a few different slowpitch specific wood bats for sale if you're interested
  12. EKIM

    2020 Balanced short barrel

    We didn't see one last year. I don't know how many more 12" endloaded bats they can run out there again this year but it seemed like that's all Miken puts out anymore. They might not have been the quickest sellers but those PT12's were something else. The 20th and the HB were good as well but...
  13. EKIM

    New to Woodbat

    Evil, Xbat, or Barnyard.
  14. EKIM

    Best tournaments around the country for upper teams

    What are the best tournaments that arent conference events? Obvoiously the Nationals/Worlds have big turnouts but what some others...... Fireman's Open CT Firecracker Corkys
  15. EKIM

    For Sale Pure, Anarchy, & Eastons

    26 Pure Fusion 100 swings 27 Anarchy Flip 30 swings (has a scratch) 26 Wegman NR NIW 26 FF2 200 swings w/ return All are USSSA $425 takes the lot
  16. EKIM

    Easton warranty

    Oh wow ok. I know Miken is great about this but I’ve heard Easton just sends you whatever they feel like sending. I will give it a try. Thanks.
  17. EKIM

    Easton warranty

    Anybody know what Easton has been giving out for utrip returns lately? Just sent one back.