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  1. arther itis

    new Combat dual stamp

    265758224715 on eBay 2023 Combat Revolt
  2. arther itis

    For Sale All finished

    KEEPING - 27oz ASA Miken MFK23 - received in trade, previous owner estimated 400-500 hits, no cracks or spiral webs, just the usual scrapes and nicks SOLD $110.00 - 28oz ASA DeMarini FuDawg - estimated 200 hits, no cracks or spiral webs, just the usual scrapes and nicks No receipts for either...
  3. arther itis

    For Sale/Trade assorted gloves

    TRADED 13.5" Boombah FGB 15-135 TRADED 13.5" Dudley Lightning DL1350 13" Nike Keystone 1300 14" Rawlings GG140TFS (relaced by @davisrelacing, converted to modified trap web) SOLD 13" Worth WXT130-PH I'd sell the gloves for $65.00 apiece, paypal as gift or add the fees. These will be shipped...
  4. arther itis

    For Sale TRADED softball pants (40 x LONG)

    TRADED I'll sell as a lot for $90.00 paypal shipped by USPS Priority Mail. All are size 40xLONG with no rips/tears. Very good condition. The 3 pairs of TYJAs were never worn.
  5. arther itis

    For Sale/Trade composites & metals

    leaving thread in place for feedback purposes
  6. arther itis

    GTG Rgates8

    Our trade was recently completed and it went off without a hitch. He's got excellent communication and he shipped very quickly. I would deal with him again. @Rgates8
  7. arther itis

    GTG lanikeas is GTG

    Our recent trade went very smoothly. He shipped very quickly and has excellent communication. GTG all around.
  8. arther itis

    how Nokona gloves are made

    I saw this posted on the SFO website, very cool video
  9. arther itis

    GTG wick555 = GTG

    Another GTG trade completed with wick555. He shipped quickly and he's got excellent communication. The bat arrived in very good shape.
  10. arther itis

    GTG stillballin is GTG

    Our deal went smooth and easy. He paid quickly and has excellent communication. Thanks again, stillballin.
  11. arther itis

    For Sale GNRs, knobcuff, bat grips, tape, batting gloves

    SOLD I'll sell the 3 GNRs, 1 knobcuff, 6 DeMarini bat grips, 1 Miken bat grip, 2 rolls of tape, 5, gamma grips, 1 pair of batting gloves as a package for $40.00 paypal shipped by USPS Priority Mail in the USA.
  12. arther itis

    For Sale/Trade Nike molded cleats/Adidas turfs (both size 11.5)

    TRADED Up for sale or trade is a pair of Nike molded cleats and a pair of Adidas turfs. Both are size 11.5 and I've only tried on one side of each pair to see how they fit. Sales price is $45.00 per pair or best offer. I require payment by paypal and I'll ship by USPS Priority Mail with...
  13. arther itis

    Not GTG broy7

    paid broy7 for a 30oz ASA Miken Freak98 6/6/17 - sent paypal (fees included) 6/8/17 - pm request for tracking number 6/17/17 - pm request for tracking number 6/19/17 - emailed request for update 6/20/17 - pm request for...
  14. arther itis

    For Sale/Trade Various bats

  15. arther itis

    GTG bronx90210

    He gave me a great deal on an ASA Catalyst and shipped very quickly. His communication is always top notch as well.
  16. arther itis

    For Sale/Trade Mikens, Mizuno, Worth, Combat

    WILL TRADE FOR AN ASA BOOMBAH BOSS (ANY WEIGHT) ASA 2004 stamp - 27oz ASA Combat SB98 (no return) SOLD ASA 2013 stamp - 26.5oz ASA Worth Jeff Hall Sick (returnable, receipt expired) ASA 2004 stamp - 26oz ASA Mizuno Techfire Reissue (no return) TRADED ASA 2013 stamp - 26oz ASA Miken M Nation...
  17. arther itis

    GTG GrinningBear

    He is a very good board bro to deal with. He has attention to detail and his communication is top notch. He shipped the bat when he said he would and it arrived quickly in the condition that he described it to be. I would deal with him again without hesitation.
  18. arther itis

    LTB GameCube controllers/Wii games

    I'm looking for GameCube controllers and Wii games. One Wii game in particular that I'd like is the Super Mario All-Stars.
  19. arther itis

    GTG mrmarkgarcia is GTG

    He shipped the trade item quickly and has excellent communication. I'd deal with him again if the opportunity arose.
  20. arther itis

    GTG johnny fitz

    Just completed a trade with johnny fitz and it went smoothly. He shipped when he said he would and the bat arrived just as he described it. I'd deal with him again.