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  1. BigWheels25

    Headed to League City

    Retiring from the Navy and headed to League City Tx. Anyone out on here playing ball down there? Hit me up. Thanks guys.
  2. BigWheels25

    LTB 26 oz Monsta

    LTB 26 oz ASA Monsta Fall Out/Torch/ Bombradier Lmk what’s out there
  3. BigWheels25

    For Sale/Trade 26 Oz Salvo and 26 oz Flex (Blue)

    Salvo has about 100 cuts on it. No cracks or spider webbing. Just some ground and bag scratches. Not even broke in yet. SOLD for 145. Thanks Shane!. Flex is an absolute bomb dropper. Has one half inch paint crack in it and some end cap wear. $PRICE CHANGE, down from $250 to $200. or a trade for...
  4. BigWheels25

    Roller bags

    Who's got a roller bag for sale? Listening to all offers. Paypal ready. LMK fellas.
  5. BigWheels25

    For Trade 26 oz AV

    Bat has about 500 cuts on it, Paint chips and scratches, no cracks. Looking to trade for a 13-14 inch Nokona(bloodline?) . Would consider straight trade depending on glove. LMK what's out there. Gloves must be RHT
  6. BigWheels25

    GTG Maniac22 is GTG

    Did a deal with Jim and WOW!! Product better than advertised. Wouldn't hesitate to deal with him again.
  7. BigWheels25

    For Trade MikenDST MaxLoad for J2 Flyswatter

    Looking to trade my DST for a Flyswatter. DST is 27 oz Max load. 50 cuts on it. Have receipt and both returns. Looking for a 26/27 oz J2 Flyswatter. Thanks fellas. Have pics. just need email if your interested.
  8. BigWheels25

    For Trade 27 FREAK DST Max Load

    Bat has about 30 cuts on it. Returnable with receipt. Like to trade for an Easton. LMK what you got out there.
  9. BigWheels25

    For Trade OG Synergy 26oz

    Bat is returnable. Good shape. Looking to see what's on the market for it. This trade is for a friend so LMK what you got.
  10. BigWheels25

    For Trade 26 Oz FL AV.

    Has about 500 Cuts on it, is returnable, no receipt. Bat is starting to open up real nice, but I just don't use it. I am open to all offers. Will send pics to those who request. Just PM me an email.
  11. BigWheels25

    ASA Sticks

    Okay fellas here's what I'm looking for, SCN9, OG Extended, OG Flex, SRV3. All in 27 oz. LMK what you got, cause I got the cash ready. Oh and if there by chance is a RD28 or THE ONE out there, I'm game for those two. Thanks.
  12. BigWheels25

    Toxic, Flex, AV

    Looking for all 3 if possible in 27 oz. Used and game ready is preferred. DO NOT CARE if they are WR, . LMK.
  13. BigWheels25

    For Trade 27.5 m7jh98

    Serial Number is 62910073. no cracks or rattles. just bag scratches. will send pics to those that ask. Looking for ASA eastons (will add cash for right ones), and also looking for Toxics, AV's. LMK[/IMG]
  14. BigWheels25


    Looking to keep the price down around 100. Need a RHT 12.5-13.5 . As new as possible. LMK what's out there fellas. Paypal ready.
  15. BigWheels25

    ASA Gamer

    Need an ASA gamer fellas. Let me know whAt's out there.
  16. BigWheels25

    Who's gots something ASA for 130?

    Looking for an ASA stick for 130 max. No mikens please. Open to everything else. 27 oz. Shoot PM if you got something.
  17. BigWheels25

    Need a couple ASA Bats

    Looking for ASA bats only. 27 oz with slight endloads. bats gotta be in decent shape for they will be my gamers. Open to all offers.
  18. BigWheels25

    Vegas baby Yeah!!

    Don't hesitate to deal with Vegas! This guy is the real deal. He shipped international from Canada to me here in San Diego and it only took 5 days. Bat was as advertised, communication was top notch! International Relations at its finest. I recommend him to anybody!!Thanks again Gino.
  19. BigWheels25

    powerhitter45 is GTG!!

    Don't hesitate to deal with Jim. Shipping was quick and product is as advertised. Recommend him to any one.
  20. BigWheels25

    Kilgore is GTG

    Steve is the real deal. Quick shipping and stands by his product. Recommend him to any one.