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  1. crushthatball

    For Sale Mizuno MVP / Model GMVP1277P 12.75" RHT

    FROM THE PRODUCT PAGE: Product Features Shock 2 Web, Center pocket design patterns, Smooth, professional style oil soft plus leather Perfect balance of oiled softness for exceptional feel and firm control that serious players demand Durable Steer Soft Palm liner Outlined embroided logo 12.75"...
  2. crushthatball

    For Sale Easton roller bag/great condition

    I have for sale an Easton synergy rollerbag. It's practically new used for only a few games at the end of the season. $30 paypal gifted or add fees. Sold to coolcatkoko This includes shipping to your door. [/IMG] [/IMG] [/IMG]
  3. crushthatball

    For Sale 3 pairs of shoes good condition

    I have 3 pairs of shoes for sale. All have been washed, cared for and in good condition. I'm just looking to get rid of this stuff. All prices include shipping to your door within the US. Paypal gifted please or add fees. 1 pair of Red Boombah Flash turfs Size 10.5 in good condition...
  4. crushthatball

    For Sale 26oz Psycho bal, good condition

    I have a 26oz balanced psycho RI in good condition, no receipt with approximately 150 swings. This has no webbing, rattle or end cap separation with original grip. I don't believe that it's broken in yet. It's a very solid stick. Serial #01030507 It was compression tested as well, last fall...
  5. crushthatball

    For Sale 26oz SRV4 Excellent condition

    Excellent condition SRV4 26oz which I purchased in 8/2012 with the intention of using as my gamer. Returnable 2x but no receipt. The only issue was with the knob when I tried to take off the knob cuff and after 10 mins of fooling with it I used a pair of pliars and knicked the paint. :o Sale...
  6. crushthatball

    For Sale 26oz SRV5 Salvo w/receipt excellent condition

    Very clean and I would say in excellent condition SRV5 Salvo 50-100 hits with a receipt dated 5/10/2012 returnable x2, 0811 stamp. Original grip and not even broken in yet. This does not have 2013 USSSA stamp. Spotless except for the N in easton where my daughter was playing with my bat...
  7. crushthatball

    How many swings mlb players

    I was just curious so I google some **** about how many swings mlb players take in a day. I saw a video with (I think it was the batting coach for the Indians) and he was talking about guys in the minor leagues and major leagues taking 300 cuts a day. I thought we'll that doesn't seem too bad. I...
  8. crushthatball

    For Sale very good condition 27oz SSR4

    My teammate is selling his 27oz SSR4. He bought it this year niw and he had a receipt (he told me he's still looking for it). He used it for only a handful of games. His sell price is $155 which includes shipping. Pics will be posted when I get home at 5:30pm.
  9. crushthatball

    GTG Tnjreveles3 is very gtg

    I bought a bat/SRV4 from Toby for what I thought was an agreed upon price. But through the wonders of text messaging I misread the final price, a difference of $10. I told him that I would paypal him $156 and send the $24 via postal money order (I sent him $26 in error but no big deal). He...
  10. crushthatball

    GTG 3BOFC#9 is a quick payer

    Rich bought my srv3 and paid as soon as he was setup on paypal. I was a little apprehensive because he's a new guy/Aug 2012 but he allayed my fears by making payment quick and painlessly. I'd deal with him again with no concerns, issues.
  11. crushthatball

    For Sale/Trade 26oz SRV3

    I've got a good condition 26oz SRV3 no papers around 200 hits(my best guess), no webbing, no end cap separation. Looking to trade for 26oz SRV4. Sale price $145 if I can't find a trade. Shipping via fedex included. [/IMG] [/IMG] [/IMG] [/IMG] [/IMG] [/IMG]
  12. crushthatball

    GTG tasheleman is patient as a mofo and GTG

    Bought a pair of Texas Orange/black, Penn Ave pants from Travis. I fedex'd him the money plus a return label for the shipment of the pants back to me. Well Fedex f'd up and deliver the money, label to the wrong address. That receiver went out of town but after many calls and his patience the...
  13. crushthatball

    LTB 26oz Easton Salvo

    Looking for a 26oz Easton Salvo. Wr is fine as long as it's in decent shape. I've sent people with Salvo's for sale pm's but received no replies... Thanks
  14. crushthatball

    USSSA Incidental contact

    BR hits a dribbler up the first base line. Pitcher grabs the ball and gets to 1st base just prior to the runner. The pitcher slows down, almost stops on top of 1st base. Is it incidental contact if the BR plows into the pitcher on top of 1st base? :confused:
  15. crushthatball

    USSSA 2 BR on 1 base

    I'm sure this is an easy one. Br's on 1st, 2nd, 1 out. Batter hits to the outfield and goes for a double. Br that was on 2nd stops at 3rd and the Br that was on 1st wasn't looking ahead and winds up on 3rd as well. Batter/runner winds up on 2nd. Is the leading runner out or the trailing...
  16. crushthatball

    USSSA BR hit by ball but different

    Batter hits the ball down the first base line. The ball hits 1st base then the ball bounces back and hits the BR running down the line. BR was in fair territory and had not yet reached the bag. What was the correct call? :confused: Never seen this before.
  17. crushthatball

    USSSA fielder collides with base coach

    Can somebody please give me a ruling on this? :confused: What if a fielder collides with a base coach (assuming he is in the imaginary coaches box) while attempting to catch a foul ball? Does the rule change if the fielder collides with the on-deck batter (assuming he is in the imaginary...
  18. crushthatball

    USSSA SS throws glove in the air

    Batter hits a line drive to the outfield over the SS head for a single. While the ball was traveling over SS head he throws his glove in the air but does not make contact. I ruled live ball, no call. Correct? What if he did make contact. :confused:
  19. crushthatball

    USSSA Is there a specific time foul ball is called

    Batter hits a pop fly foul but not out of play. Should I even announce it, when if so? :confused: I haven't ordered my umpire mechanics yet :(
  20. crushthatball

    USSSA how many seconds in batters box

    I know about the quick pitch but what's the rule about not pitching when the batter's ready (if the batter did not ask for time prior to stepping into the batter's box). Yes I'm very green :o