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  1. warningtrack24

    For Sale Boombah Boss T3 Compressor ASA End Load 26oz

    Miken is sold. Boombah T3 Compressor- 75-100 hits. $180 shipped OBO Monsta prototype is not for sale.
  2. warningtrack24

    For Sale Freak Platinum Maxload 26 R/R

    $200 shipped firm for tire kickers. $180 for no nonsense buyers. No Trades. The bat has 75-100 hits on it.
  3. warningtrack24

    LTB NR Miken Freak PT or 17 DC41 ASA 26oz

    PM pricing please. Looking for Maxload PT ASA or Supermax DC41ASA
  4. warningtrack24

    2017 Boombah Boss 4.0 ASA

    Just wanted to share one of the better sounding bats ive swung. Looking forward to seeing if the distance matches the feel..........
  5. warningtrack24

    Boombah Dually 26oz/ 2016 USA Flipper

    Boombah Dually- No receipt 26oz. In Wrapper $170 OBO 2016 USA Flipper- 150-200 cuts. Normal Field wear. Non Return Bat. $150 shipped SOLD FOR ASKING
  6. warningtrack24

    2016 26oz USA Flipper

    NR- 150-200 cuts Normal bag/field wear- No paint cracks/webbing. Couple paint chips (not in hitting area). $150 shipped OBO. SOLD FOR ASKING.
  7. warningtrack24

    For Sale Boombah Boss Dually 3.0 26oz

    For sale only. No trades. Gentleman i purchased it from said he had 100-120 swings on it. I used it in league last week for 3 ab's. 2 HR and a walk. I would keep it, but i need to thin the herd. Caps tight, Grip is in fantastic shape. 160 OBO.
  8. warningtrack24

    LTB OG Aftermath (Black and Green)

    Looking for a buddy. Thank you.
  9. warningtrack24

    For Sale 14 USA Border Battle flipper Aftermath

    27oz. 250-300 hits. No rattles, cracks. Endcap is tight. Gamma Grip w/ Taper. Bag Wear/ mild field wear. Rare, wont last long. $175
  10. warningtrack24

    For Sale ASA Combat Derby Boyz/ Wanted G3

    Less than 100 hits on both. 26 oz on both. No trades $85 for each or $160 for the pair.
  11. warningtrack24

    For Sale ASA Derby Boys/ ASA Wanted G3

    $ 85 each or $160 for both. Both are 26oz and both have less than 100 hits on them. Endcaps look good, Bag wear. No Trades please.
  12. warningtrack24

    For Sale ASA- Z3000, Jeff Hall

    EL 27oz. 150 cuts. Lizard Skin, Grip n rip. $125.00 HD52 26.5 Jeff Hall. Less than 50 cuts. $100 SOLD
  13. warningtrack24

    For Sale Jeff Hall HD52- Returnable. 50 swings.

  14. warningtrack24

    For Trade Green 28oz Freak52 $75

    Sold -I have a green Freak 52 oz. Nice bat. Guy before me said it had a few hundred cuts on it. I put about 50 more on it. Slight spiral (in picture). Lizard Skin Grip and Grip N Rip.
  15. warningtrack24

    For Sale/Trade 27 BJ Fulk Ressy $120- 20-30 swings

    For Sale.
  16. warningtrack24

    2015 JH Hd52 2pc vs. 2016 hd52 one piece.

    Anyone have any info?