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  1. Jkmbones

    Easton sp15mka Realtree Asa mako questions? Junk?

    Got a Easton mako realtree Asa bat as a throw in on a trade. I got it cheap enough to basically make sure i had a newer stamped Asa bat I felt comfortable would pass any compression test. Also a backup BP bat. Word on the streets in my area is the bat is a turd with little life, and not much...
  2. Jkmbones

    What is the best 2016 Asa demarini bat? Also the 15 juggy seems hotter than the DNA?

    I'm usually a miken guy, but my favorite bat of all time is the mizuno crush. I loved how the barrel seemed almost soft. I'm actually still swinging a 98freak with a million swings on it. You might laugh but it keeps up with the new bats. The background is to help with my questions? I...
  3. Jkmbones

    LTB Looking to buy a 26/27 oz Monsta DNA bat. Flex or stiff handled

    Looking for nice to minty. Message me asking price and condition please. Thank you.
  4. Jkmbones

    I'm starting to wonder about Monsta customer service

    Anybody have any information on the monsta bat company. I was considering buying a bat from them, but now I'm a little nervous. Couple guys locally have had issues with orders. One guy emailed them about if bat was shipped and if they had a tracking number. He got a nastygram in return. The site...
  5. Jkmbones

    What is the best backpack for "glove guys" separate roomy compartment

    Sorry if you Don't like the section I posted this in, or if this is a redundant question. I wanted this answered by "glove guys" I'm in the market for a new softball backpack, and want to know if somebody makes a pack with a roomy separate compartment for a glove/or two. like to find...
  6. Jkmbones

    Is the GMP7 mizuno pro 2nd generation floating around with black laces?

    A few years ago dirty30 laced a gmp7 mizuno second generation with black laces. It was a shelf queen. By chance was wondering if it was floating around still and for sale? I haven't been on the site too much in last 2 years ... so don't know Who is hoarding the good stuff anymore. Thanks for...
  7. Jkmbones

    For Sale MIJ 13 inch black Mizuno pro Mod Trap.

    Price to move: $330 One round of couch catch with nothing applied.
  8. Jkmbones

    MIJ 13 inch mizuno black mod trap price check

    Need a fair price to sell glove.
  9. Jkmbones

    Gmp700 Price Check.

    What is a fair asking price?
  10. Jkmbones

    For Sale Gmp700 mizuno pro limited

    $310. With bag. You pay fees. PM any Questions. Glove numbered 78.
  11. Jkmbones

    Dirty30 made me Happy.. Happy... Happy!

    Twin killers: I know black laces are not for everybody... Damn I'm in love! Thanks dirty30.
  12. Jkmbones

    LTB I'm Looking to buy a wilson kp92 PI, or a Japan mizuno mod trap

    Thinking of picking up another mod-trap. Either a nice wilson kp92 pro issued, or a Japan made mizuno. Wilson has to be 12.5 or bigger, and the mizuno has to be size 15.. 13 inches. Think high end, and mod trap. Examples:
  13. Jkmbones

    LTB Looking to buy another Japan mod trap mizuno pro

    Might import another Japan mod trap. Prefer black. Shot in the dark. Lmk if you have one for sale. Example:
  14. Jkmbones

    You think the 1781 is nice. Check this out.

    On the bay for 1200+ A2000 SHOOTING STAR.
  15. Jkmbones

    For Trade I have a new 14.4 dewalt drill/2 batteries/charger will trade for glove

    Brand new in original box drill set. Comes with drill, 2 batteries, and charger. Newer version. 14.4 dewalt. I have two many drills, and figured I'd turn this into a glove? No clue if this thread will work, and please tell me if this breaks any rules. I'm guessing the drill has $200 trade...
  16. Jkmbones

    For Sale/Trade 13 inch Mizuno Pro Trap. Japan market. Tan

    Used glove, and broke in. Size 15 that is almost 13 inches. Glove is not perfect cosmetically. I paid $300. Darker in pocket area. Lace color ran in a few spots near entrance to glove shell. $210 firm. Any trade offer needs be near $300. No rips, etc. mechanically perfect. Common question...
  17. Jkmbones

    For Sale Bad MoFo Japan made mizuno pro limited black trap.

    The story is I bought two gloves from Japan because I couldn't make up my mind. "I'll buy two, and keep the one that fits me best" Not sure I really want to move it. 50/50 because Ill be sorry later. Size 15 in Japan .. 13 inches. Black. Light.. Light... european kip. Awesome.. Awesome...
  18. Jkmbones

    Tell me about Kubota Sluggers. Size, model, leather, and quality.

    Find myself interested in a couple Kubota Sluggers webs. I want to know more about the quality, price range, best outfield model, leather, etc. Thanks in advance for any information.