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  1. CougarHunter1B

    Removing name stitching from custom glove

    So, I ordered a custom glove that is still new/unused however I no longer want it. I would like to sell it but I know no one is going to want a glove with my name on it. Does anyone have experience or insight removing stitching? I took it to a local tailor shop who told me they can't remove it...
  2. CougarHunter1B

    ASA 1 piece

    What bat manufacturers are still producing 1 piece bats in 2018 and 2019? I know Anarchy released the Diablo last year, just curious as to who else is still in the 1 piece game?
  3. CougarHunter1B

    2018 ASA Line?

    Did LS not produce a 2018 ASA Line?
  4. CougarHunter1B

    Man-made synthetic leather gloves

    Does anyone know if any of the top manufactures produce a synthetic fielding glove? Through a little bit of research I have discovered Carpenter Trade who seems to make really high quality custom gloves that go for over $500. I'm hoping to find a stock glove from a bigger brand name for a lower...
  5. CougarHunter1B

    2018 Ambush

    I was bored and happened to pull up their website and notice their 2018 Ambush (composite) has been released. Anyone have any experience with it? Is this the 2017 with a flashier paint job or have they improved on last years model? I have never swung an Anderson because I'm not in love with the...
  6. CougarHunter1B

    Dudley bat bags

    Dudley has some nice looking bat bags on their website but there is no option or link to purchase them. Does anyone know where you can purchase these on-line?
  7. CougarHunter1B

    USSSA Umpires and Catchers placement behind the plate

    I've been playing ASA for 12 years, never played in a USSSA league. I've watch a fair amount of Utrip game footage on youtube and noticed that the catchers stands behind the umpires. Why is that?
  8. CougarHunter1B


    Hey guys - I'm sure this has been discussed so sorry to rehash an old thread or common knowledge, but what is the deal with Eastons being so prone to webbing? And what does the webbing mean? Last year a guy on my local league team had a 15 Wegman ASA and early on the bat started to splinter up...
  9. CougarHunter1B

    LTB Boombah BOSS Dually 26 oz

    Let me know if there are any available.
  10. CougarHunter1B

    Short Barrels

    After much trial and error I have found that I am more partial to 2 piece bats that are listed as 12" barrel. My question is - how are the barrels measured? Initially I thought the barrel length represented the length of the 2nd piece but I just purchased two bats listed as 13" barrels and the...
  11. CougarHunter1B

    Combat Prices

    I'm sure I'm way late to the party as this has probably been discussed several times but why are Combat prices so cheap right now? I know that most manufactures are offering deep discounts this time of year, and have heard that Easton/Combat is struggling but seeing all these bats under $50 is...
  12. CougarHunter1B

    Bat Manufactures

    This is more of a question of curiosity but want to make sure I have this correct - Easton and Combat are owned by the same company Miken and Worth are owned by the same company DeMarini and Louisville are owned by the same company Mizuno is a stand alone manufacture Anderson is a stand alone...
  13. CougarHunter1B

    Question about the Nighthawk

    I've been fairly vocal on this board about my initial displeasure with the Nighthawk. (quick recap - I purchased a 27 oz balanced NH at the start of the spring season. It was cracked after 20 swings and split in half after 50.) I recently got the itch to give it another shot. I just purchased a...
  14. CougarHunter1B

    2017 Ambush

    The bat has been out for about a month now - any reviews?
  15. CougarHunter1B

    2016 Miken Vicious

    Recently I conducted some research to identify the best alloy bad approved for ASA play. I quickly came to realize that most alloy options are single wall and many of those have a reputation for denting. After excluding those from my search I honed in on only multi wall options. Essentially the...
  16. CougarHunter1B

    Question about Mamba ASA

    I have an opportunity to obtain a NIW Mamba ASA and I'm thinking about trying it out. My question is, aside from the graphics how is it different from the ASA Blackout and No doubt? I tried both those bats last year and didnt care much for them.
  17. CougarHunter1B

    Mizuno nighthawk release date in the US

    I've been tracking this bat bat ever since I first heard of it a few months back. For years I have loved Mizuno products but never much cared for their 1 pc bat as I've always been a 2 pc guy. So needless to say I am super siked about the Nighthawk. For the last month the Mizuno website had...