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  1. lakeyale13

    What Bat / Bats did you use for Spring-Summer league and will you use them for the Fall?

    Just finished up our Spring / Summer league and gonna start our Fall season in a couple of weeks. I started out swinging the WFF and tried everything from DC-41, Bubba Club, and Anarchy. Landed on the Demarini DB44 Juggy. Just a phenomenal bat that I am amazed that more people don't use. I...
  2. lakeyale13

    Confronting a teammate using a shaved bat.

    Almost positive a teammate of mine is using a shaved bat. He has little power (maybe hits 1-2 homers in 2 rounds of BP). Shows up to our last game with a new bat that he says doesn't have a swing on it. He allows a kid (literally 16 year old) he brought to fill in use it and the kid hits it...
  3. lakeyale13

    Case Study: Working out before my game

    I never lift same day as my game, but decided to do a very small poorly designed experiment today. LOL. I worked out today for about an hour and a half. I did a full body workout that was comprised of mostly free weights with bench press being the only lift with fairly heavy weight. I...
  4. lakeyale13

    LTT 26.5oz Easton WildFire Flex

  5. lakeyale13

    Demarini RD28...Tell me about it.

    I have no clue about this bat. What are peoples thoughts / reviews?
  6. lakeyale13

    Quirkiest Field you have Played on?

    The field I play regularly is an odd duck. It is 295' all the way around but has a fence that is 20' tall that goes all the way around. Thus, you can hit a line drive that would be a 325' home run on a normal field that now turns into a double, or you can hit a 296' pop up that becomes a home...
  7. lakeyale13

    Bubba Club Review

    28 oz Easton Bubba Club. Bat absolutely positively has the full 2oz end load as advertised. It makes my 26.5 oz WFF and 27 oz DB44 Juggy feel balanced in comparison. LOL. If driving the ball is a part of your game this bat should definitely be considered. The end load just powers through...
  8. lakeyale13

    LTB Demarini Standard Issue

    Anyone have one for sale or know of where you can pick one up at?
  9. lakeyale13

    Reputation of the top Major Players?

    I always wondered what the reputation of today's top major players are? Living in Winston Salem, NC, I have heard nothing but wonderful things about BJ Fulk. I actually played one season with his cousin Joey...another masher. Jeff Hall's reputation seems so so. A bit abrasive but...
  10. lakeyale13

    DB44 vs. Miken DC-41

    Hit two rounds of live BP tonight with Classic M's in mid 50's (kinda stupid I know). DB44 was every bit of the bat that the DC-41 was. Every. Single. Bit. DC-41 had close to 400 swings with two rounds of live BP. DB44 had only 200 hits off of a tee. DC-41 performed very well...several...
  11. lakeyale13

    Have you ever busted a bat in the 1 year warranty time frame?

    Curious as to how many people have LEGITIMATELY (ie. not taping a ball to it and swinging at a tree! LOL) busted a bat in the first year of ownership. I have owned 20+ bats over the years and have never had that happen. Probably because I never seem to stick with a bat long enough to break it...
  12. lakeyale13

    USSSA Ball Question. What is the most common one used?

    Totally ignorant. What is the most common type of ball used for games in USSSA?
  13. lakeyale13

    People's descriptions of a used bats.

    Getting more and more frustrated with trying to buy a used bat (not here but on Ebay). It seems people do not understand the objective definition of words. For example, I was looking at a 2019 DB 44 Juggy that was listed as "New". In the description it stated bat had around 200 hits on it...
  14. lakeyale13

    Twisted Mistress or Nautalai?

    For those that have swung both...which one performs the best? I know durability with the TM is less than desirable...but I'm speaking purely performance here.
  15. lakeyale13

    Review of Softballfans Pants Sale

    I picked up two pairs of the Rawlings. They are absolutely a STEAL for the price and fit quite well. I am a 38" waist and a size L was perfect. Guys...pick up a pair or two and get ready for the season. Heck, for the price you can wear em just for practice.
  16. lakeyale13

    Favorite Bat You Have Ever Swung?

    I was playing when the Miken Ultra was still approved for ASA play LOL. So what is your favorite stick you have ever swung and why? What would be your gamer no matter what the stamp or regulations? For me, it would be a well broken in Freak + or the OG Jeff Hall Mayhem. No way any legit bat...
  17. lakeyale13

    Hitting Tee Recommendations?

    Looking for some help. Just got back in to the sport after a good 5-6 year lay off. Purchased a cheap Tee and leg has already broken after using 6 times. Anyone have any recommendations for a Tee? Looking for one that actually elevates high enough to mimic a softball "level" of a pitch too...
  18. lakeyale13

    Is there any difference between these Easton's?

    Is there any real difference (other than paint job) between the Resmondo, Ryan Clark, or Wild FireFlex bat? They are all FireFlex's and have an end load correct?
  19. lakeyale13

    Advice on Breaking in a HOH

    Got a great deal on a 13" Bryce Harper HOH. I've never owned one and would love some advice on recommended break in methods.
  20. lakeyale13

    Thoughts on hitting 2018 DC 41 today

    Did some substantial T work today with a brand new 2018 DC 41. Here are some thoughts: 1. The stock grip SUCKS!!! My batting gloves were slipping on about 1/3 of the swings. 2. Man, been out of the game for a bit, but this thing felt stiff! I put about 75 swings on it, and the last 20...