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    Any Rule 10

    Does anything know what rule 10 is?
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    what tournament format do u like to play

    this will be a 2 day, 3gg tournament entry fee is 250 1. round robin on saturday and then single elim on sunday, teams get 3 games and get to play both days 2. double elimination, some teams will be eliminated on saturday 3. 3gg like a double elimation bracket which is a triple...
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    Any common sense umping

    u can not teach commom sense to umpires, always use common sense when making decisions, if you dont know, always hit the offending team where it will hurt them the hardest and you will probly be right
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    Any questino for players

    Why do you think there are rules?
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    Any what do I do as player that irritates the umpire

    what do I do as player that irritates the umpire
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    Any what is the call?

    bases loaded, no outs, batter gets base hit to the outfield, player from the 3rd base dugout, which is the batting team, comes out and knocks over umpire, umpire doesnt see what happens, what is the call