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  1. hoosier419

    USSSA pitching ?

    Maybe an umpire can shed light on this: Our pitcher releases the ball towards the plate and almost simultaneously lets his glove flip off his hand behind the ball. glove lands maybe 5 ft in front of him. batter hits the ball foul for an out. other team who plays utrip says you can not release...
  2. hoosier419

    Can anyone here help?
  3. hoosier419

    U Trip Pitching ?

    Ok so we play very little U Trip per year but have played enough over the years to see some crazy pitches. Including this weekend our pitcher delivering a under the legs called 1st strike then a double windmill swing and miss walk off strike out. made our ASA pitcher's career. as we have played...
  4. hoosier419

    GTG rmeman is GTG

    my first deal on here went very smooth thanks allot rmeman
  5. hoosier419

    For Trade Dictator for Combat?

    Is this possible? I have a 26oz NIW 09 Reebok Dictator (blue) with possible receipt (pm for details). Would like to get a Combat. I do play some U-Trip so open to anything. Would be willing to add cash if I had to. Just really want a Combat and if I buy another new bat i may have to sleep with...