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  1. djs_1964

    For Sale Two 27 oz White DC-41s

    Red knob DC41. Right at the USSSA compression threshold. 220 on two sides and 225 on two sides. Probably 750+ swings. Lots of scratches and scuffs. No cracks or rattles. Black knob DC41. Passed compression at 240+ about 100 swings ago - all w/ Classic Plus. Not tested since. Probably...
  2. djs_1964

    LTB Cheap Wood Bat(s)

    Anyone got some cheap (less than $50) wood bats just lying around they'd like to get rid of?
  3. djs_1964

    For Sale NIW White Super Gold Dots - 44/375

    One dozen, brand new, in sealed plastic. Leather covers, SX44RLA3. $52 shipped
  4. djs_1964

    For Sale 27 oz Big Cat; 28 oz 12" Dudley 2.0
  5. djs_1964

    For Sale 2 Seniors (27 and 28) and a 26.5 NIW Sonic+

    SOLD $140 - 12" Dudley 2.0, 28 oz. 250 - 300 swings. Scratches and a couple small paint chips. No cracks or rattles. There is some webbing. Tight endcap. Lizard skin grip and knobcuff. SOLD $130 - Miken UII Big Cat, 27 oz. 150ish swings. A few scuffs and scratches. No cracks...
  6. djs_1964

    GTG MarlSrSoftball

    Above and beyond. Shipped immediately and included more than expected.
  7. djs_1964

    For Trade NIW 27oz Black Knob DC41

    Returnable with bar code. No receipt. Only looking for a low-swing 27 oz 2017 U-Trip DC41.
  8. djs_1964

    SSUSA Tourney - Pool Play

    This is my 3rd year of playing senior tournaments. During the past 2 seasons, we've played 3 or 4 SPA tourneys and 1 SSUSA each year. Generally, all of our pool play games have been against our own division / bracket. One time we played a team from a different division and gave the 5-run...
  9. djs_1964

    For Sale 26oz ASA RI Z2K, 27oz USSSA RI Z2K, 27oz OG Z1K

    These are all technically "returnable". No receipts. 26 oz ASA Z2000 (EL) - SBZ215A-E. Used for 1 season. I'm the original owner. Less than 100 swings. Great shape. No cracks. Very slight webbing. One piece of loose composite when you shake it. $100 Sold 27 oz U-Trip Z2000 (EL) -...
  10. djs_1964

    GTG biglee33 is GTG

    Bought a couple bats from me. Great communication and paid immediately. Definitely GTG.
  11. djs_1964

    For Sale 28 oz TechWrap - $65

    Great shape.
  12. djs_1964

    For Sale Big Boy (30 oz) OG Freak Plus - $75
  13. djs_1964

    For Sale 27 oz OG Duo - $75
  14. djs_1964

    For Sale Some Oldies - Any 2 for $150

    $65 for any of these last 6. Price drop for the remaining bats. $75 each. Any 2 for $140. Pick any two for $150 shipped. Really want to get rid of these in pairs. $85, if you want just one. If you want more info / pics on any of 'em, let me know. The first 8 are all old stamp USSSA. The...
  15. djs_1964

    For Sale New 44 / 400 Softballs

    Just the plastic removed. All are Baden Lexum. 11 are USSSA Elite (44 / 400). The one in the lower right corner is a USSSA Classic M (40 / 325). $48 shipped for the dozen.
  16. djs_1964

    For Sale Dozen Baden Lexum Classic Ms

    Brand new 12" softballs, just the plastic removed. $48 shipped for the dozen. Classic Ms are 40 / 325.
  17. djs_1964

    For Sale NIW 26oz OG Stadium
  18. djs_1964

    For Sale Couple NIW, Old Stamp - 28oz DS Plague, 27oz JMac Plague
  19. djs_1964

    For Sale Old Stamp, NIW - Demarini and Combat

    All bats have been sold. Thanks! The J2U is stamped "No Return". All the others are, theoretically, returnable. Not looking for any trades. 26oz Demarini J2U - $125 shipped SOLD 26oz Demarini OG Stadium - $125 SOLD 26oz Combat DS Plague - $75 shipped SOLD 27oz Combat DS Plague - $75...
  20. djs_1964

    GTG gsilkwood

    Bought a bat from me. Smooth and easy transaction. Very GTG