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    Infield fly rule clarification

    Yep, spirit and reason for the rule.
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    Infield fly rule clarification

    Regarding players not being able to hear the call, that's why you are supposed to use your mechanics and put the arm up on the call, so the players, base coaches, and your partner (if applicable) know that the call has been made.
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    Miken - M Dill Model

    Is this still available?
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    Foul or fair?

    What in the actual .......... wrong, wrong, wrong.........
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    ball hits runner on first

    Yeah, NCASA's first response threw me for a sec. LOL .
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    ASA Thrown ball hit fielders detaches helmet

    I was surprised when I read that this morning. And now that I re-read it, Maverick you are correct.
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    ASA Thrown ball hit fielders detaches helmet

    No, he's correct. "When the loose equipment belongs to the team in the field, it becomes a blocked ball and the overthrow rule applies." So, two bases from the time of the throw. That's from the Rule Supplement 17. It's Rule 8.5.G or F in there somewhere
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    Turning into field of play after overrunning 1st.

    Wrong, your quick step SHOULD HAVE and WAS seen as an attempt to advance. The other team thought so as did the umpire.
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    ASA USA Slow Pitch - What's the Call?

    for your #2 it's making the INITIAL play on a batted ball that the fielder/defense is protected. Batted ball hits off of the third baseman's leg and the SS comes over to make the play and gets in the runners way while fielding (not in possession) the ball it is OBS.
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    ASA USA Slow Pitch - What's the Call?

    Section 5. Read the title of the section, the rules that follow are ALL the WITHOUT THE LIABILITY TO BE PUT OUT. There will be exceptions but they will be listed. Don't add your own stuff to the rules.
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    ASA USA Slow Pitch - What's the Call?

    Obstructed runner CANNOT be called out between the bases where the OBS occures. Don't call the runner that started at 1B out..... whether they would have made it to second or not is irrelevant because they were the runner that was OBS.
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    ASA What's the Call

    8.3.A When a runner must return to a base while the ball is live or dead, the bases must be touched in reverse order. effect: If properly appealed the runner is out.
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    ASA What's the Call

    There isn't a rule against this as far as I can see. The runner had legally obtained and is entitled to third, there's nothing stating she has to stay there. She wasn't making a travesty of the game or trying to confuse the fielders......... Just smart baserunning? I honestly don't know under...
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    ASA What's the Call

    I think he's quoting USA 8.3.D Touching bases in legal order....
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    Team looking for OF in Sacramento

    Probably be better off looking for a Sacramento softball FB page.
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    Pitching to higher level players

    Not semantics, fact. Find a rule set that awards 'points' for runners crossing/being awarded home plate. I've been doing it wrong my entire life I guess. I wonder who led the majors in Points Batted In this year? Which pitcher had the lowest Earned Point Average? Words have meanings...
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    Infield fly

    This was painful to read. Yes, the runners advance. As stated above, the play is live (runners advance at their own risk during the I.F.), once the ball goes out of play (in a dugout/OB) the ball is dead and the runners are awarded bases whether they were trying to advance or not. USA...
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    Pitching to higher level players

    I thought he was playing softball? Bro, they're called 'runs' in diamond sports.
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    Ball hits bats in dugout entrance

    I've seen guys open a gate during live play... it does happen.
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    Any runner called out

    You didn’t ask anything you stated what you would call. I told you that is wrong. The refusal to read and COMPREHEND what has already been posted, I can’t help.