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  1. lb16

    Senior Bats

    Need some help looking at getting my first senior bat. I am considering the SR-1. Need some opinions on this bat 2012 and 2013 versions compared to the other senior bats Miken, Reebox etc. Thanks!!
  2. lb16

    For Trade 28 oz. STADIUM

    looking to trade a less than 100 hit returnable 28oz. STADIUM. looking to trade for a similar hit 27 oz. STADIUM. this is the hottest out of the wrapper bat i have ever swung!! just a little heavy for me.
  3. lb16

    For Trade Ltt stadium

    Have a NIW returnable 28oz. stadium looking to trade for a DC41 or PSYCHO SE 27oz. must be NIW and returnable.
  4. lb16

    For Trade SCN15 26oz.

    Bat has less than 100 swings on it has 1 return left looking for a cnt+ RI in a 27 oz.
  5. lb16

    For Trade SCN15 26oz.

    bat is returnable has about 100 swings on it, looking for a psycho any flavor se, dc, etc. 27 oz. preferred but will take a 26.will put some cash with a good offer. lmk thanks!!!