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    Finally swung "the" synergy last night

    Nice Wow! Not quite a nice nice wow or a nice wow wow, but definitely a nice wow! I should have stole it from the fool :cool: I found it interesting that when you mis-hit from a north to south popup/ground out standpoint (not end of barrel/handle standpoint) it still makes a loud cracking...
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    Will this be at least decent for co-ed work tourny?

    It's been a couple years since I played and I have not been paying attention to much at all in the softball world. Like, it's been so long are we still not allowed to mention the user name that has to do with a card in a card deck and the number 7??? Anyway, getting on point with a serious...
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    Grown men fighting over Softball

    as the subject says, IF THIS IS A REPOST! If it is you can just sit back and EAD like you do every Friday night anyway and let some other noob watch, hugs, thanks!
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    video taping at bats question

    I see so many at bat videos, lots of sucky quality, lots of bad angles, so much trash talk on going middle......... well, I've seen a lot on the GoPro Hero 2 camera and the wrist strap, so I was wondering if anyone has a video using the GoPro Hero 2 (or anything similar) and mounting it either...
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    History Buffs - Wicked Xtra - I'm worth n00b

    Hello, So playing ASA today and somebody has a Wicked Xtra (XWICKX) that cannot be used. So I said I'd take. I now have it :D BUT....... my question is, why is this banned from ASA? I have not swung it yet, but have swung the RD28 a bunch and that is not banned. So since this is banned...
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    I don't search!

    Too good, too pretty, too skilled, did it too many times with my numerous other names I had for the past 6 years that got deleted because all y'all told me to search and I yelled back in a plesant way :D and got deleted, ......... so no, I don't search. WHAT TIME AND DAY IS THE ACTUAL BORDER...
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    ASA 2009 The ONE, maybe rd28 too?

    Just wondering if anyone else is having these issues - I have a white THE ONE, I think that is the 2009, either way, the first ASA version. I'm not sure on the hit count, maybe 500, could be up to 3000, but the weird thing is this year it makes a CRACK sound like any other composite I have...
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    2013 opening day baby!

    I am sitting here now listening to FEAR FACTORY and GORE GUTZ planning it all right now! We will ONLY have the new bats in utrip, so there is no way to cheat, right? Plus it will make the game so much safer, right? WELL IT'S ON YOU LITTLE CRAFTY LITTLE PITCHER BISHES! I'M ALREADY PRACTICING...
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    I'm dumb - batting gloves question ON THE BASES

    So I got my yard mowed, all other yard work done, the wife is happy, so I've been watching tons of MLB in the last hour (and of course the Preakness is just starting!!!). ANYWAY...... my question is, I know why MLB players keep their batting gloves on while on the bases. I do as well as I...
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    Hosting a Tournament Question

    For those that host a lot of tourneys, I need your help on a rough guestimate of pricing. I need 6 fields. I can get some really sucky fields in the daytime, but then was told I can get nice fields but they are only available at night and the lights would need to be turned on so they would...
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    John dailey vs. Jose canseco

    Just played a tourney on Sat with guys I know. Just watched the masters on TV and was putting 2 and 2 together....... in short, the softball players that MASH the ***** out of the ball can also drive a golf ball 400 to 500 yards. The problem is they are all slow, fat and in most cases over 40...
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    Good Bats in Mega Suck League?

    A bro from work was short a player so I figured I could add an extra night for some swings and took him up on it. Turns out it is the WORST OF THE WORST co-rec league. Not even worth explaining how bad all the players are on every team.... it's that bad. It is an NSA sanction though, but no...
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    Roids vs. Shaved Bat

    Which is worse and should one have more legal ramifications over the other if you injury or kill a pitcher??? If you know you have a shaved bat and are using it, is that worse than the growing number of people using roids in softball now to help them hit the ball harder?
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    "real" pine tar

    Where in the F can you get any "real", George Brett like pine tar anymore???? The last 3 years at the BIG chain sporting goods stores they only have that chapstick useless thing! That thing has no tact at all and is more like KY Jelly! No stick at all! So I go to PIAS as I had luck there in the...
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    Does anyone make pants that.....

    Seriously, was just watching YOU CAN'T TOUCH THIS MC Hammer video and that bro glides like crazy in them old school pants! Does anyone make softball pants that baggy and that light, but yet you could slide or dive in softball and NOT tear them up??? :confused:
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    help! I'm a wannabe middle hitter!

    So like, I changed teams this year, I will spear all the drama, but I hate the stuck up sum-bishes! I can hit middle pretty good in the indoor cages and can clog up the machine pretty good by blasting it right back where it spits it out of, cause the teen girls to wait ever so long because...
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    punch me/economy/other things.....

    Need some mental help........ just sold a freak 98 for $100 cash, in person..... I need some mental guidance in this big time so I don't slit my wrists! Buyer Bro, if you see this, please take good care of her! I don't know what else to say, please discuss and give kind words to me....... or...
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    Saw guys juicing balls - does this work?

    They had a portable party ballon helium tank. They opened up the end of a syringe and put the helium in. They put the plunger back on and put on a 31 gauge tip at the end of the syringe and injected it into the softball before a game. They said "this sucka will fly!" Does this really...
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    Pitching questions - search for me noobs

    Plain and simple - can you pitch both right and left handed to the same batter? Or do you have to wait to switch pitchings hands until a new batter comes to the plate?
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    another "is this a bish move" thread

    My league was NSA and switched to ASA last year. There is a pitcher that is a real d-bag and complains about everything because he doesn't want to get blown up. So here's the situation: Last fall, our first year of ASA ball I used a NSA/UTRIP bat and he called it out right away. No prob and...