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  1. CrashDavus

    Compromise on Glove size

    When I first started playing I was in the OF and 3B, so I grabbed a $50 13" glove which worked well, now I find myself at SS and I feel the glove is too big. Looking for a decent compromise on glove size for SS, which I could also use at 3B. Looking at 12", but wanted thoughts from those that...
  2. CrashDavus

    2016 Flipper Aftermath OG

    Found one NIW, can't wait to try it out tomorrow night.
  3. CrashDavus

    Worth Liberty vs. Worth EST Comp Balanced

    Anyone taken cuts with both of these bats? I know both are classified as balanced, but I have read that some people found the EST to have a slight endload. Just looking for some insight. Cheers.
  4. CrashDavus

    Should I only use balanced/end-loaded or have a mixture

    Reason I ask is I'm current swinging an Easton Salvo - balanced and I'm thinking of picking up an end loaded bat. I'm in the middle of where I can hit for base hits, but also can hit for power. Trying to figure if I should have a mix to use based on situations or stick with one or the other.
  5. CrashDavus

    Boombah Bats - Those that have used them.

    I'm in the market for a new bat. I saw video by BP Hero about the Boombah Boss Dually. While I can't find that one for sale, I've been looking at some of the other bats. Anyone have experience with these bats? Until I saw the video, I had never heard of Boombah and I'm always a bit skeptical...