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  1. Lucas

    Price Check - 2019 Easton Wild Fire flex Sp19sbf 26.5

    No idea what these are going for, bout 200 swings and excellent condition. Just never got a feel for the weighting on it...looking to get average price ranges for these. Thanks`
  2. Lucas

    North Phoenix - Need guys for Victory Lane Mens Wednesday Nights

    Fun, competitive team playing D3 rec league. League is still quite competitive, but super fun. We are losing a few guys for Spring season so hit me up if you are interested. Everyone of the team is chill, ball-busters so no head cases please...
  3. Lucas

    Looking to play mens at Victory Lane

    Outfielder, good speed, decent and accurate arm, can hit anywhere in the order...will bust balls and expect reciprocation.
  4. Lucas

    Ryan Harvey Legit XL USSSA vs Easton Fire Flex Loaded USSSA

    Both 13.5 barrel, .05 end-load....just curious what the preference is.
  5. Lucas

    For Sale 2016 Combat The Rogo Casey Rogowski USSSA/ASA Slowpitch Bat SP6TCR1D

    $120 obo - Less than 100 swings
  6. Lucas

    For Sale 2016 Easton SIS Reckoning ASA SP16RKA Size: 26.5

    $120 obo, less than 50 swings.
  7. Lucas

    For Sale 2016 Easton SIS Reckoning ASA SP16RKA 26.5

    Bat has less than 50 swings, was too light for me and rarely saw playing time. Great bat out of the wrapper, doesn't need any break-in time. Has extremely minor scratches, no dents, spiraling, or any other defect. Bat is a 9 out of 10 and is basically brand new. $120 shipped, Paypal gifted. Not...
  8. Lucas

    2016 Rogo Dual Stamp SP6TCR1D

    Anyone swings one of these?
  9. Lucas

    LTB Easton SRV4 26oz

    In any condition. Thanks
  10. Lucas

    For Sale 2014 Juggy 27oz

    Approx 400 swings, no cracks, dents, spider-webbing, end cap separation or major defects other than cosmetic scratches mostly on the end of the barrel. Great shape and returnable, looking for $155 shipped or BEST OFFER. Do not NEED to sell, so please refrain from low ball offers...thanks!
  11. Lucas

    Price check on 2014 Juggy 27oz

    Hey all, Gonna be selling this thing soon. Has about 250 cuts, near mint condition. Just wanting to know the going rates. Much obliged
  12. Lucas

    For Sale 27oz Easton SP14B4 w/receipt

    Less than 100 swings, just opened up according to my teammates. Just never fit my swing. Has minimal ground scratches, one small paint chip, no dents or webbing or other abnormal defects or abuse. SOLD TO prplxd
  13. Lucas

    2016 Miken Ultra 750X Maxload (ULTALL)

    Any reviews or anyone swing thing? Has a .05 oz endload and a 14.5 barrel. I wanna get one because I am starting to suck and want a bat that seems to make up for all of my fallacies...
  14. Lucas

    Endload weight on the CNT+

    Just curious if the endload weight was .05 or 1.0? Trying to find a bat that has a similar endload, which do not think exists... Best bat I have ever swung in my life. Thanks
  15. Lucas

    For Sale Easton SP14L4 & SP13B3

    Price drop. 27oz SP14L4, less than 50 hits. No cracks, dents, webbing or endcap separation. Mint condition w/receipt. SOLD 26oz SP13B3, 400 hits. No cracks, dents, webbing or endcap separation. Normal ground scratches. $80 gifted OBO.
  16. Lucas

    For Sale 27oz Black/Gold Aftermath Flipper

    BAT IS SOLD, THANKS. 400 cuts, no receipt but returnable, no breaks, cracks, or separations other than moderate ground scratching. $165 shipped FedEx. Thanks
  17. Lucas

    2014 - Defunct Papago Spring Team

    Well...figured it was time to start this thread. Seems like everyone I have spoken to from the team wants to play again in this league but unfortunately we can't get enough commitments. Anybody wanna play for turdy seven fiddy?
  18. Lucas

    Papago Winter Ball

    Well...not enough peeps for fall. Anyone up for Winter ball? OHIO
  19. Lucas

    Buyer Beware Scam alert, do not deal with magnumbombs

    He stated he would trade me my J3A for his Aftermath. I send his my post office tracking info a few hours ago and he did not send me him. I notice he just posted a few minutes ago about a deal going bad and that his Aftermath was now up for sale. He is a total scammer. I also notice he deleted...
  20. Lucas

    LTTF Have J3A 27oz, trade for 27oz AM

    J3A has less than 300 hits and is silly. However, the AM fits my swing better and doesn't have as much flex. Want one in comparable condition... or new, will throw in cash. Must be 27oz. Thanks!