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  1. Joe500

    LTB Z2000 Canadian Special Edition

    Looking for a few 2014 Louisville Slugger Z2000 SBZ214NUE Special Edition. Newer the better, but let me know what's out there.
  2. Joe500

    For Sale Price Check: NIW Demarini Doublewall Distance

    I am looking to see what these are going for. Also have 1 with about 10 swings. Get me in the right direction. Would like to sell.
  3. Joe500

    For Sale Lot of Andersons - 4 Rocketech & TechZilla

    All bats have an unknown number of swings. All barrels are round unless otherwise noted. I can only go by what I feel. Prices are listed F&F shipped OBO. Thanks. 2003 ROCKETTECH (aka OGRT) $90 – 30oz Small dent just under BPF 1.20 (sold $50) 2005 ROCKETTECH RELOADED (aka RTRL) $85 – 31oz...