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  1. SukTNutz

    For Trade Fast pitch Vendetta

    A 32/20 Vendetta. It is my daughters bat. Used for 2 years of HS and 3 years of Rec. she wasn’t a masher it has pleantycof life left on it. $75 plus shipping Pics are to large text me for pics if it is allowed. 5082124973
  2. SukTNutz

    GTG My Dude Bird25 is GTG

    My Dude Bird25 is extremely GTG.
  3. SukTNutz

    LTB Used Baseballs

    I am looking for used baseballs PM me or what ever LMK thanks I have a few sticks to trade for them if you like of CASH these are older Sticks also Freak 98 type thanks again
  4. SukTNutz

    Little league bats

    Looking for a few little league bats for my guys. I am thinking anything in a 27" and a 29 or 30"/ I have a few Sticks to trade for them Freak 98 28 oz a Bass ASA Pink a Bass ASA Quake Easton SCX 14 to name a few all in good shape. Pics to follow. It is AllStar Season so I was thinking a 27"...
  5. SukTNutz

    How do I handle this?

    There is a new guy on my team who is a Pitcher the problem is he is not good as a pitcher. I do have a guy coming who is a pitcher and pitched in Fla last year I think in the E Worlds. So whats the best way to tell Guy A that he ios out. Ani I dont think he can play any other position Thanks.
  6. SukTNutz

    Raw Power 6.0

    Has anyone swung one of these Was thinking to get one to replace My OG Salvo that snapped in half this year. I think Hands down the best bat I have swung. But the Durability was an issue. Any Input would be great Thanks
  7. SukTNutz

    LTB Fast Pitch

    Looking for a bat for my daughter she is 12 and is out growing her old bat a Jenny Mendoza. looking for a 34 inch Thats about it. She will be playing tourny ball this year alos. As far as what kind I am open to anything composite Thanls
  8. SukTNutz


    First night of fall ball and my league is going the supplied bat route for next year. Seeing I cant use my bats anymore, My question is I have a Z 1000 with several cracks in it shall I or Shant I? And it sounds worse than the sound it makes.
  9. SukTNutz

    For Sale A few in the collection

    I have the following for sale. These are for sale only and not accepting trades at this time Pics will be up later on this afternoon. these prices are shipped. Thank You 1. A M7 27 oz very warn unknown # of hits $90 Ret. No Rec 2. 08 JHM7598 28.5 oz has about 1000 hits on it it is a TANK...
  10. SukTNutz

    GTG krunchyfrogg

    The Frogg is very GTG Thanks man. so easy it was.
  11. SukTNutz

    LTTF Metal

    I have a Creature I bought for BP wont use it, I am playing coed and they use single wall it is a 27 oz in in good shape PM me for Pics looking for Anderson Nano asa 27oz or rocket tech. Thanks
  12. SukTNutz

    Thanks SBF Store

    Got my kids what they needed for the up coming season. Quick painless and the shipping isn't that bad when ordering more than one thing. 2 Miken Bat Backpacks for my boys and cleats for my daughter. I couldn't pass on the $20 Combat Hoodie either. Thanks again guys. The prices were better than...
  13. SukTNutz

    Cant wait for ths year

    Been over seas for a year and will be home in 5 weeks to be balling. Hit Boombah bought matching **** and I am PROUD to say I am "That GUY" No visor though...
  14. SukTNutz

    Some new Sticks

    For this year The Shanghai Gardens squad has some new sticks and I cant wait to unleash them 27 asa Pinky 28 ASA Quake and a steal locally for a Hundo a 27 Freak 98 LOOKOUT!!!!!!!! :D:D:D
  15. SukTNutz

    Good Trade

    A Bass anything for a Freak 98?? I will be giving the Bass and I dont think he knows better. It is a local trade. The Freak is basically new for he never used it. I am thinking of sending him a Quake.
  16. SukTNutz

    LTB 27 oz 2011 ASA Z1K

    Tittle says it all. NIW would be great but Ret with rec. is good also.Thank You
  17. SukTNutz


    So I had a Z 1000 asa the silver joint and it was sick. It is dead now. How is the Z 2000 compared to it. It was always getting looks and asked what is wrong with it because of the noise. I am thinking about one of these for Spring ball. What do you think??
  18. SukTNutz

    Bass ASA Pinky

    Just bought it cant wait to swing it what shall I expect? Fire away:D:D:D:D:D
  19. SukTNutz

    Salvo question

    If I were to buy a Salvo would it be wise to buy a new one or the older model. Thank You I have been out of it for this year. 27 oz also
  20. SukTNutz

    New Bat

    If I was to get a new BASS ASA what would be the one to get? Also I understand that there might be better more durable bats out there and most of you hate BASS and so on and so on. So lets keep it on topic I swing a 27oz and am not a masher at all. what would be a good one to buy. I want to try...