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  1. silversword

    LTB 33" 23 or 24oz fastpitch

    Looking for a fastpitch bat, 33 length, 23 or 24oz weight. Eastons or Mikens preferred, but open to anything you got. Association stamping does not matter.
  2. silversword

    For Trade M7JHA for trade

    I have a 26.5oz M7JHA (Sports Authority version) for trade only. Bat has only two owners, myself included, so I can vouch that it has never been worked on (rolled, shaved) whatsoever. Bat is returnable, no receipt, original grip (has been removed so I can find the serial number), no idea to...
  3. silversword

    as crazy as this sounds..

    I just can't stop swinging my Uncensored. I originally started swinging it in BP to save my AV for games since they have the same weight and feel, but lately I've been swinging it in my non ASA leagues and the ball is coming off it with great speed. I just might have to pick up another one.
  4. silversword

    Demarini Raw Steel ?

    A teammate has one that 60% of the guys on the team use. Last night he hit it, and it sounded like it cracked, but there is no visible evidence of the bat having any damage (except a slight, slight wave), so the next 2 batters used it, but on both of their hits the bat just sounded dead...
  5. silversword

    rate my team

    10 team auction league. Don't start a T.E., no PPR, normal scoring. I also will have two bench spots for waiver pickups after week 1 is over. QB E. Manning M. Stafford RB F. Gore (my one keeper) R. Mathews R. Grant WR R. Wayne M. Austin D. Bowe...
  6. silversword

    who would you keep?

    I'm in a league where I get to keep one. I have to decide between Michael Turner and Frank Gore. Who would you keep and why?
  7. silversword

    what would you swing?

    Hypothetical situation. You're a Utrip player who gets picked up for a league and find out it's ASA bat rules, which you don't have. You're given cart blanche on whatever is on the rack, no responsibilities if you crack it. Hanging you find an Anti-Virus, a JHM798, Freak 98, Recoil (red)...
  8. silversword

    recommendations on ASA Eastons

    I mainly play Utrip, but a couple of leagues I play are ASA bat rules, and I don't know much about newer ASA bats. I normally swing Easton, so I would like to get an Easton ASA bat. Don't care new or used (prefer used actually) and would like to not spend over $165 if I could. What would you...
  9. silversword

    GTG 96packers is GTG

    No surprise, this board brother is GTG. Smooth trade, if only all deals could go this well. Thanks again Jeff.
  10. silversword

    For Trade LTT 27oz May98

    Deal Pending I have a May98 27oz for trade only at this time. Bat has original grip, no cracks, does have a slight rattle (sounds like there's two pieces moving around in there). Bat is returnable, some endcap separation but appears to be on there solid. I have pics below, let me know if you...
  11. silversword

    Marshenko = one of the good guys

    Great trade, quick shipping, no worries. The way a deal should be.
  12. silversword

    30oz PST120 for sale

    I am selling my 30oz PST 120 (the red one). Bat is in great shape, no taper dings at all, graphics are in very good shape. Bat probably has 300 cuts on it max. Looking to get $150, price includes insured shipping via post office.
  13. silversword

    two 30oz 08 Synergys for sale

    BOTH SOLD I have an 08 Stealth + (scn6), returnable, no receipt, with about 600 cuts on it. Bat is in very good shape with a taped grip. Also for sale is the 08 black and gold Helmer, returnable, no receipt, with about 500 cuts on it. Bat is in very good shape with a taped grip. I am...
  14. silversword

    frankthetank = awesome

    I'll spare the details, but I was involved in a trade with frankthetank and I was very impressed. Stand-up, extremely honest board member and I would have no reservations about doing a deal with him again. Thanks.
  15. silversword


    Smooth trade, great communication. All around good guy. Thanks.
  16. silversword

    bird25 is GTG

    Great guy to deal with. No worries here.
  17. silversword

    old news... meat13 is GTG

    Got the bat and it looks and hits great. Thanks again.
  18. silversword

    bigstan03 is GTG!!!

    Excellent seller, great communication, all-around class-act board member. Thanks man.
  19. silversword

    Charli93 is GTG

    No worries here. And excellent board brother to do deals with. Thanks again.
  20. silversword

    westtexas = GTG!!!

    Great guy to deal with. No worries here. Thanks.