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  1. Psykout

    LTB DeMarini Legacy and/or Future

    Like the title says, looking for a DeMarini Legacy or Future. Prefer it to be under 28ozs. Have a provided bat tournament coming up and want to get used to how they swing. Normally swing Monsta bats. Would also be open to trades. Let me know what you got as well as what you are looking to...
  2. Psykout

    LTB 2015 Demarini Future or Legacy

    Like it says looking for one of each in 27oz or lighter. Please let me know condition and what you would like for it. Thanks!
  3. Psykout

    LTB Monsta Boogeyman

    Prefer a 26 or 27oz SPEC Boogeyman (.44 or .52 core balls). Would also be willing to trade for one. Let me know what you have as well as if it is returnable. Thanks!
  4. Psykout

    GTG kidj is GTG!

    Bought a DeMarini Black Ops roller from Josh and everything went smooth. Great communication as we had to arrange a meet. He even met me on a day he wasn't feeling well as it was the only time I could do it. Don't be afraid to deal with him as I hope to again soon!
  5. Psykout

    For Sale Genuine Oakleys

    Have them for sale in the other equipment section in the link below! :D
  6. Psykout

    For Sale Genuine Oakleys

    I have a few pairs of genuine Oakleys I want to move since they never get worn. All are in excellent condition with no nicks or scratches. What you see in the pictures is what you will be recieving. All prices are shipped including PayPal fees. If you have any questions just ask! Oakley...
  7. Psykout

    LTB New Demarini The One .12 (CL22) 26oz

    Like to buy two of these ASAP. LMK what you have! :D
  8. Psykout

    LTB 27oz Easton SP12SY98

    Looking for a new or used Easton Synergy SP12SY98. Prefer NIW but will also look at used returnable with receipt. Let me know what you got. Need one by the end of the week!
  9. Psykout

    For Trade NIW Demarini The One.12

    LTT a NIW 27oz Demarini The One.12 for a NIW Easton SRV4. Bat is returnable with receipt so I am looking for the same in return. May consider other Eastons but must be new or minty condition and returnable with receipt. Also looking for 26oz or 27oz only...
  10. Psykout

    LTTF Sprint iPhone 4s

    Have high end ASA bats, gloves, bags, and ???? to trade for a Sprint Apple iPhone 4s. Hit me up with what you have! :D
  11. Psykout

    GTG is travisdbx

    Bought a glove from him. He shipped fast and glove was in excellent condition. Thanks!
  12. Psykout

    For Sale/Trade Ping Eye 2 Irons

    Ping Eye 2 black dot irons standard length, loft and lie. 2-W (10 clubs total) ZZ Lite shafts with new Lamkin crossline grips. They also have matching serial numbers. Irons are in great shape as you can see in the pics. I switched to another set and kept these as backups but haven't...
  13. Psykout

    GTG rdub02 is GTG

    He bought a batpack from me. Paid quick and good communication. Thanks! :D
  14. Psykout

    For Sale A few nice gloves for the New Year!

    I just received a Vinci for Christmas so I am making room in my bag. All gloves are RHT! 13" Rawlings - GG1301SB - Sold to hcarcrx 14" Novak Custom - Brand New - Open Back - - Sold to filthdog 14" Miken EPS - EPS140GB - Sold to Thunder13 Please add 3% to prices if not paid as gift. All...
  15. Psykout

    GTG Team Vinci

    Thanks to everyone at Team Vinci for my new glove. You guys truly are the best glove company around! Merry Christmas and may 2011 be a banner year for Vinci Pro!!
  16. Psykout

    To Vinci Santa and the rest of Team Vinci

    So I get home from work tonight and there is a box sitting on the floor. I asked my wife what it was and she said it might be something from her work. I take a little closer look and the box is actually addressed to me from Vinci Pro. I almost fell over! I open the box up and there is a...
  17. Psykout

    GTG illete delivers!

    Bought some jewelry from him for my wife. He shipped fast and items were beautiful as described. Also had great communication. Thanks again!
  18. Psykout

    I need a Vinci!

    Well about a year or so ago I had to sell both my Vinci's to pay bills due to being out of work. :( I have been able to pick up a few gloves since then but really miss my Vinci's. Money is still tight so I wanted to see if any of you would be willing to trade me one of your extras for a some...
  19. Psykout

    GTG danny10 is GTG

    Bought some golf shoes and ps3 remote and everything was better than described. Shipped very fast as well. Thanks!
  20. Psykout


    Anybody got one they aren't using and want to sell? LMK!