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  1. MF'N MGR

    Other GSL - Illegal Player

    Umps, quick question about this scenario (I tried to find it in the GSL bylaws, but I'm not having any luck piecing it together to reflect a situation that happened this past weekend at a World Qualifier): Team A is at bat and a player is ejected due to an infraction (threw his bat) after...
  2. MF'N MGR

    ****ies Shorts

    Is Mitzie still the way to go for ****ies shorts? I haven't been on for a while and noticed DSS site isn't active anymore. Any suggestions? Thank you in advance.
  3. MF'N MGR

    JAMCO Athletic & Screenprinting is back.....

    I know it's been quite awhile since we've been on the boards, but we're still doing custom apparel and spiritwear. Much of the business in the last 2 years has been predominantly local, but Jo wants back in with the boards. As most of you know, our product is simple: Screenprinted Tees...
  4. MF'N MGR

    Custom Dog Collars - Sublimated or Embroidered

    Does anyone do custom dog collars? Need to be minimum 18" and 14" for my two English Bulldogs. I prefer the martingale style with no plastic . Thanks for your help in advance. Please email me at [email protected] , it's easier for me to get back. Thank you in advance. Edwin
  5. MF'N MGR

    interesting observation

    Most of the uni companies here produce some of the best jerseys for factory sponsored teams in the majors circuit, plus a small handful of high classed teams in nsa, usssa, and gsl associations. .....and you have the decency to not push licensed apparel on here. Much respect for you...
  6. MF'N MGR

    Sizing on Sport-Tek F246 Performance Fleece

    Anyone know if these fit true to size or should I go up? 100% polyester hoodies are such a ***** to order without trying on. Thanks for you help in advance.
  7. MF'N MGR

    pacifi headwear - shadow block font

    Guys, does anyone have pacific's shadow block font file? I'm looking for help on a one word, two color, word logo. I can pay for the logo, if someone could help. Thanks in advance. Name: YellowStone Colors: athletic gold and white over sliver/grey background Pattern: slight arch Thank...
  8. MF'N MGR

    Pacific 398F

    Fellas, are the 398F visors like the the 404m? Meaning, can you bend them as aggressively as you want or get them nearly flat billed? Local customer asking for a travel team and I've never had one of these hats. I appreciate your help in advance. Edwin
  9. MF'N MGR


    I have a quote that I'd like to include pants on and looking for solid white or blacks for resell, under $30. Braid option upcharge would be nice too. Thank you.
  10. MF'N MGR

    elementary question about adding a player into the lineup

    A team Starts with 9 players. Several innings go by, having batted through the order already, then a 10th man is inserted into the lineup. *Unestablished at the beginning of the game, the said team essentially made way Without taking an out for the 10th man in previous innings. Can someone...
  11. MF'N MGR

    LTB 2013 Z2000, 28oz EL, with Receipt

    Does anyone have one for sale under $180?
  12. MF'N MGR

    LTB NIB Boombah Turfs, Size 12

    Grey or White base preferred, secondary colors not as important. Thank you in advance.
  13. MF'N MGR

    LTB 26oz ASA Louisville Slugger Catty (Shrek)

    Not looking to spend very much money. Looks don't matter, as long as the 04 stamp is still legible. Thank you. Edwin
  14. MF'N MGR

    JAMCO Winter Promo

    1 color Front location ink print with Back vinyl number for $13 on basic tees, plus shipping. *add $2 for xxl+ *add $3 for vinyl name *add $2 for one color ink sleeve or back sponsor print *add $2 for additional logo colors, max 5 Choose from Gildan G2000 cotton or Jerzees 29M blend, both are...
  15. MF'N MGR

    looking for one rib, not a full rack or even half, just one rib.

    Really? No, just kidding.
  16. MF'N MGR

    any leagues going on this week in La Mesa?

    I'm here for the week and would like to watch some games after the holidays. Thanks in advance.
  17. MF'N MGR

    Unauthorized Use of Manufacturer's logos

    Looks like it doesn't pay to come on the board to be a "Me Too." I think there's plenty of business on this board and outside of it to not have to do things because everyone else is. If we all love softball, we'll support the manufacturers who help grow it and make it the recognized sport that...
  18. MF'N MGR

    Neck Ties Question

    I thought I had seen it all with sublimation, but my teammate asked me if there's such a thing as sublimated neck ties. anyone?
  19. MF'N MGR

    Pacific Apparel does it again

    I've always had a good experience with PA and Jeff took care business on this piece....Thanks Brother.
  20. MF'N MGR

    majestic athletic therma base pullover #6687

    any companies have access to these through wholesale? none of my suppliers have them. please advise, thank you.