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  1. Red Swine

    For Sale Oakley Sunglasses

    I am selling 2 pair of Oakley Sunglass. Cash only sent to paypal. No trades. One pair are the Oakley Batwolf Team USA sunglasses. These were an olympic promo. They have a scratch on the right side...outside...of the lens (see photo). I am asking $90.00 OBO. The second pair are Oakley...
  2. Red Swine

    For Sale Samsung Galaxy Nexus 4G

    Selling my Samsung Galaxy Nexus 4G. I used it for Verizon. Got a new phone and looking to move this one. Works great and comes with car charger, home charger, Otter Box, original box and extra battery (extended life). $225 OBO gets the whole package. Pics available on request.
  3. Red Swine

    For Sale 26 oz Easton Helmer ASA

    SOLD! Selling 26 oz Easton Helmer. Bat is in great shape. Has some small chips in the paint from the field (size of ink pen tip). Bat has less than 50 cuts on it and is returnable with no receipt. I'm asking 150 shipped.
  4. Red Swine

    For Sale Miken 27 oz ASA Recoil Maxload

    SOLD!!! Selling 27 oz Miken Recoil Maxload. Serial number is 7XXXXXXX. Bat is in pretty good shape. Cosmetic wear and tear, but solid and still needs to be broken in. No end cap separation but end cap wear is visible in photos. I bought this bat a few months ago from a board bro and have...
  5. Red Swine

    GTG dirtyone55 is GTG

    GTG board bro here. Do not hesitate to deal with. Thanks for the Recoil, Joe
  6. Red Swine

    For Sale HK Delta Paintball Gun and 2000+ rounds of paint

    Selling HK Delta paintball gun and just over 2000 rounds of paint. Gun has been used for one round of paintball and comes in the original box. Asking $150.00. Photos available on request.
  7. Red Swine

    GTG howwedo16

    howwedo16 is GTG. Do not hesitate to deal with. Thanks Rudy!
  8. Red Swine

    For Sale 2011 Jeep Wrangler 4 door side steps

    Have a set of the Jeep Wrangler side steps/brackets for sale. Were on my new Jeep for about 4 days and I took them off. Asking 125.00. Buyer pays shipping. Not sure what it will cost yet for shipment. I'm guessing between 50-100.
  9. Red Swine

    Wounded Warrior Project Softball Tourney

    Alright fellas, here's the update. I've got the AD/Semper Fit on Camp Foster on board and he's all about making this an annual tourney. As of right now, they want it to be a unit + 2 tourney. All entry fees (I have proposed $125.00) will be donated to the Wounded Warrior Project. There are...
  10. Red Swine

    OG Easton Extended

    26 or 27 oz. Looking for one with no webbing, end cap wear is ok, but would prefer one with as minimal amount of endcap wear as possible. Been trying to get my hands on one of these for a while.
  11. Red Swine

    GTG Bamaboy1626 is VGTG!

    Purchased some Oakley Hijinx sunglass from me. Fast payment and great communication. Do not hesitate to deal with this GTG board bro. :D
  12. Red Swine

    For Sale Sony PSP and 9 Games

    Selling Sony PSP Metal Gear Solid Edition and the following games/movies: Madden 2010 MLB The Show 2007 Indiana Jones Lego ATV Metal Gear Solid Ronin Glory Road The Dark Knight The Italian Job Also comes with the included memory card, battery, charger, and instruction booklet...
  13. Red Swine

    For Sale Oakley Hijinx Bruce Irons Edition Sunglasses

    Selling one pair of Bruce Irons edition Oakley Hijinx Sunglasses. $50.00 shipped. You will receive the original box, glasses bag, and glasses. I have owned these for about 3 weeks. Lenses are minty. Photos are in the album below.
  14. Red Swine

    For Sale Ping i10 3-SW

    I have a set of Ping i10's that I will be selling. I had them fitted; white dot, 3 degree upright, extra quarter inch in length. I paid $720 for them new last July and have used them less than 10 times. I am asking $350 for them. A store such as Richard's or a Golfsmith can adjust them to...
  15. Red Swine

    Tri-Cities, TN

    Home on leave in the Tri-Cities until the 23rd of July and looking to play or take cuts if anyone needs a player.
  16. Red Swine

    GTG VC5 is GTG

    VC5 is GTG. Purchased a SSR2 from me. Quick payment and great communication. Do not hesitate to deal with this board bro.
  17. Red Swine

    Buyer Beware Little disappointed in Sports 55

    We paid our order in Full in January (January 18th to be exact), got our Jerseys and hats in two seperate shipments in mid march, and towels on (estimated) July 1st. I asked for them to be express mailed, and was told no because it would cost $100. Checked on that too, and it would have cost...
  18. Red Swine

    Matty Moose

    Wanted to see if I can get an update on estimated delivery Matt. I've sent John a few emails but I know he's got a lot on his plate. Thanks bro.
  19. Red Swine

    OG Flex or Extended

    I know, who isn't. Looking for one in good shape. Preferrably 26 or 27 oz. Also willing to do a 2 for 1 trade for a bat in the right condition. LMK.
  20. Red Swine

    GTG gacane is GTG!!

    Just sold this board bro a Worth Toxic. Great communication. Paypal processed within 10 minutes of closing the deal. Do not hesitate to deal with him.