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  1. rj_brown77

    USSSA/ISA bat compared to OG Flex

    The avocado is the closest thing to the feel from the OG flex that I can think of.
  2. rj_brown77

    Batting gloves? Best and most durable?

    I used to be an advocate for Rawlings Workhorse, but I switched to Nike MVP pro. They're more comfortable and last just as long.
  3. rj_brown77

    UTRIP 2021 Bat Change

  4. rj_brown77


    Just moved back to Vegas. Looking to play ball. Outfielder.
  5. rj_brown77

    For Sale/Trade 17 Easton Helmer Flex

    I'll take it. PM sent.
  6. rj_brown77

    Need two sets of sub dyes for Air National Guard team

    I am looking to get two sets of sub dye jerseys for my Air National Guard softball team. I'll need artwork too. Looking at probably 15 jerseys for each set, maybe more.
  7. rj_brown77

    Tennessee Roll Call #6

    Will do. Are you sure you're qualified to coach bases? I messaged him. He's like me and is out of the game. I've got that annual air national guard tournament next month so I'm in a little bit of a hurry.
  8. rj_brown77

    Tennessee Roll Call #6

    I've been good man. How about yourself? I'm glad to be back too. I'm trying to find people to hit with around Nashville, but I'm not having any luck at all. That will never get old.
  9. rj_brown77

    Tennessee Roll Call #6

    Anybody looking to hit some in the Nashville/Lebanon area? I just moved back to TN and I'm looking to get some swings in. Good job Jack Day!!
  10. rj_brown77

    BP around Nashville

    Anybody on here around Nashville looking to hit some bp? I live in Lebanon, but I'd be willing to drive a little ways to swing.
  11. rj_brown77

    LTB 2- Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 or Kindle Fire HD

    Groupon has the tab 3 for cheap as **** right now I believe.
  12. rj_brown77

    World Series

    I was making this same point to a buddy at work last night. The Giants are perfectly happy slapping singles in the holes in the infield and the Royals are trying to hit the ball out of the stadium. The Giants are putting on a clinic on how to hit with two strikes. Some of the two strike pitches...
  13. rj_brown77

    So do you prefer facing 5 man infield or not? ....dont be shy come on in.

    I like facing a four man. The infield is wide open.
  14. rj_brown77

    LTB Tennessee orange softball pants

    To the top. I've got a softball tourney for my Air National Guard unit in August and need these for it.
  15. rj_brown77

    LTB Tennessee orange softball pants

    I'm looking to buy some Tennessee orange softball pants. Size 34.
  16. rj_brown77

    For Sale price check apple tv 2

    google the model numbers.
  17. rj_brown77

    For Sale price check apple tv 2

    Same here. But I'll fess up to hijacking a thread!
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    I'm out here in Moreno Valley working at March ARB for a little while and I'm looking for some guys to meet up with and take some bp or play some ball. Anybody on here from this area?
  19. rj_brown77

    mlb free agency

    I ain't saying she's a gold digger.
  20. rj_brown77

    Moar Power

    The Bengals are 2-0 against teams above them and 1-2 against teams below them.