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  1. rkdgator

    Bad Batch of Dudley Thunder TA's?

    I ordered a dozen Utrip Classic M Thunder Advanced for my team recently and was surprised to discover that the balls are as dead as fried chicken. We have hit TA's for years and they have always performed as well or better than any ball out there. After two games with us barely getting any...
  2. rkdgator

    LTS 26 oz. SBM75U Mayhem Comp 120 Snot NIW NR

    Sold!!! Thanks for looking
  3. rkdgator

    da_big_newf is GTG

    A very GTG brother from north of the border. Everything was just as easy as a domestic package so don't hesitate to deal with him just cause he's a canook ;) Thanks Bro :cool:
  4. rkdgator

    S WOODS is GTG

    Made a great trade with him and he's GTG. Thanks Shane
  5. rkdgator

    JRR12 is GTG

    Phiten slingin fool :D Thanks Bro.
  6. rkdgator

    National Champion rkdgator's GTG List

    Cool board brothers and sisters :cool: Feedback Given: SERG TheFranchise Rojo0416 stevo714 BIGG_P knooch21 TEDDY3 JRR12 S WOODS Feedback Received: SERG TEDDY3 Rojo0416 stevo714 Bulldogg S WOODS Whether you like it or you don't like it...
  7. rkdgator

    TEDDY3 is GTG

    So fast he even beat me to the feedback section. Good guy to deal with. Thanks Bro :D
  8. rkdgator

    knooch21 is GTG

    The stickers are as described, high quality, & perfect for stopping mooches in their tracks ;) Now what's an Ohio man doing with a Red Sox logo on his return address labels :eek: :confused: :D Thanks Bro :cool:
  9. rkdgator

    BIGG_P es mucho GTG

    Bat came a long way in a big hurry. Now if I can just get it to do that to a softball :rolleyes: Thanks Kevin :D
  10. rkdgator


    Is very GTG ;) :D Paid me so fast I felt like I was robbing him :eek: Thanks Bro :cool:
  11. rkdgator

    Rojo0416 is always GTG

    For your own good, deal with him :cool:
  12. rkdgator

    Great Deal with TheFranchise

    Possible world record for speedy deal completion ;) Check with TheFranchise if you ever need Worth or other equipment for a great price, he might just have it :cool: Thanks Mike :D
  13. rkdgator

    SERG is a Superstar Seller!

    Got my stick from the left coast to the right coast (or is that the wrong coast to the right coast :confused: ;)) in 2 1/2 days !!! If you have a need and he has the product, don't hesitate to deal with him :D