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  1. AutomaticSOB

    GTG Johnnie

    Quick and easy transaction on Senior bat. Two thumbs up 👍🏽
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    Gold Nation 50 Major Nor Cal

    Gold Nation 50 Major Nor Cal
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    LTB: 2018 Senior Worth Wicked

    I have a 26 in great shape listed on the bay right now. Glad to make a deal if you want to look at the pics there. Used for just two tournaments but I’m swinging the new AT18 this year. PM me if interested.
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    GTG Protectyaneck

    Excellent deal, fast shipping, PROTCTYANECK two thumbs up 👍🏽👍🏽
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    For Sale ***Monsta Bat***

    2021 ASA DC41? Purchased NIW early Oct, used for Fall League. 26 but a bit end loaded for my taste. LMK
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    Looking for link to filled out results of 2021World championship tournament in LV

    Good luck to all in Vegas this year! Will be there next week: 50+ Major: Gotham Ortho/WEPNZ/DSS Softball/JUNKIES
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    For Sale Trump X-Rocks 44/375 * SOLD *

    Interested in 18 if still available. Thanks
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    Westerns - St. George

    Thanks my friend! My team from last year, Battleborn won the 50 majors, very cool! Congratulations to all the winners and I’m keeping the fingers crossed I can get some games in this year.
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    Westerns - St. George

    Man, I wish my team was playing this weekend! Have fun, stay safe in that heat. Best of luck to my friends from NorCal and N Nev. If anyone can post a picture of 50 scores, much appreciated!
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    Senior Softball article

    Enjoy the games! Hopefully we’ll be playing sanctioned tournaments soon. .
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    BP ball bag advice

    Bought a used large Boombah backpack with wheels for $25 off craigslist, works great. Had a kids name and number embroidered from little league all stars and I just took the panel off
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    Senior Softball article

    I’m still holding out hope to play next month but totally respect everyone’s decisions to allow things to ease towards a less restrictive atmosphere. Stay safe my friends and do whatever you feel is necessary to balance out the risk vs. rewards.
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    Senior Softball article
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    Definitely swings light. Had been hitting off a tee with into open field and getting good performance and distance but with live pitching this weekend was out front a lot compared to my Suncoast 26.5. Recommend going up one ounce in weight.
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    Miken Mag 7

    Agree on the AT18, about 100 swings in and it felt great from the first swing.
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    The red suncoast is f i r e !
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    2019 Adidas Melee 2pc balanced

    Saw on IG that Burlington Coat Factory has them for $15. Reseller community tag showing lots in Florida.
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    For Sale 3 RHT 12.75 gloves $old

    Doing great Brother! Just started up playing 50+ now that my son is in high school and no more coaching. Having fun swinging the Senior bats for sure. How about you?
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    For Sale 3 RHT 12.75 gloves $old

    Prices lowered
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    For Sale 3 RHT 12.75 gloves $old

    Have three used gloves for sale. All are right hand throw with tip break in. Price includes usps priority shipping and PayPal fees. Nokona AMG600EXP 12.5" Baseball Softball Glove Red Rawlings HOH lacing added for customization used for spring softball season. Velcro closure pulled up on edge...