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  1. jaketr1

    35 & over ks,mo,ok ?

    Does anyone know if there is any 35 and over tournaments in these areas. Not sure all places to look.
  2. jaketr1

    Pro Nine Classic m's any good?

    just looking around and seen pro nine blaze balls are they crap like i think they are or they actually a good ball ?
  3. jaketr1

    OG monsta bat

    Question i have is we might be going to ASA/USA nationals they said we need a ASA bat and i can get a og monsta for cheap from a guy how did they hit, i really cant find to much about the 1st one.
  4. jaketr1

    Price Check Schutt Lisa frenadez 34-25

    [/URL][/IMG] i got one looks new maybe 20-30 swings from the look of it xr-2 frame
  5. jaketr1

    Price check Schutt Lisa frenadez 34-25

    i got one looks brand new maybe 20 to 30 swings, just wanting to see what it's worth
  6. jaketr1

    For Sale 2 Easton's older new stamps 33'inch

    Fs3 33- 21.5 oz returnable unknown hits Asking $65 shipped obo Purple stealth 33-23 oz Sold
  7. jaketr1

    For Sale 26oz BL z4000

    Selling for a buddy maybe 200 swings no cracks and going with reciept He is asking $150 shipped
  8. jaketr1

    For Sale Worth blue esoteric endload 27.5oz

    Worth blue est endload 27.5oz Good shape no dents or anything also have a monsta grip Worth $65 shipped Grip I will put in with it for $5
  9. jaketr1

    For Sale Phenix 34-24 $190 obo

    Phenix 34-24 $170 obo No cracks or rattle, hit unknown but it's in good shape. Also doesn't feel like a 24 feels closer to 26oz to me. But looking for $170 shipped.
  10. jaketr1

    LTB 27-28oz j2u

    Like its says looking for one
  11. jaketr1

    Green dbu reviews?

    I'm going to be sending in my yellow, really never did get real hot. So is the new one better or just the same bat with new paint?
  12. jaketr1

    For Sale 28oz sy 100

    Got paperwork good until feb or March x2 return still, used one league season so around 200-250 swings if that but does have ground and bag wear Asking $150 obo shipped
  13. jaketr1

    New stamp close to j2u..?

    Ok I'm sure it's been asked before but didn't find it, what newer stamp feels like the j2u, I have a few newer Easton's and not really feeling them and want to get somthing like my old j2u hottest bat if had.
  14. jaketr1

    Price Check 28oz sy100

    Looking to see what's it worth buddy looking to sell, comes with paperwork good until February maybe 200 swings but ground marks from are fields and bag, still needs some break in
  15. jaketr1

    For Sale 27oz reebok barrage

    Have around 350-400 swings got webbing and bag/ground marks just don't really use it a lot. Pics coming soon $115 shipped
  16. jaketr1

    For Sale Salvo 26oz

    Buddy is wanting to sell maybe 100 swings returnable no paperwork Asking $140 shipped
  17. jaketr1

    For Sale 2 scn1b / cf4 / evo

    1st scn1b- 34-24 oz around 400-500 swings sold 2nd scn1b- 34-24 oz around 400-500 swings sold Demarini cf4 33-23 oz returnable Sold Blue evo. 33-24 oz returnable. $60 obo shipped
  18. jaketr1

    Price check: cf4/ blue evo/ schutt Fernandez

    Got a 33-23 cf4 , 33-24 evo and a 34-25 schutt Fernandez xr2 frame maybe 100 swings all returnable
  19. jaketr1

    For Sale 5 bats/ miken/ demarini/ schutt

    2 27oz 585's both returnable one is a og, the others are fp cf4/ blue evo and Fernandez schutt all returnable all from a girl on my coed team 1st 585 og lots of wear but owned by a girl returnable sold 2nd 585 good shape returnable sold Evo good shape 33-24 returnable $70 obo Cf4 good shape...
  20. jaketr1

    Price Check Blue evo fp and cf4

    Evo is 33-24 cf4 is 33-23 both are returnable