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  1. xLongBallx

    For Trade 28 oz Juggy

    Looking to trade for a teammate, $175 OBO 28oz returnable 2nd batch juggy, Not sure number of hits, no cracks but does have some webbing and ground wear, no rattle (that i could tell of) Interested in 27oz Miken ASA and Utrip Bats LMK
  2. xLongBallx

    For Sale/Trade Mizuno 3 Bat Bag $30 obo

    Had to upgrade so offering up my old used bag. VERY CLEAN! NO RIPS OR TEARS! Bottom pocket - Holds 3 bats (or 4 but wont zip closed) Main Compartment - will hold shoes, 20+ Balls Mitt, gloves, + more End compartment - shoes/and or glove Side compartment - Misc. items, wallet phone...
  3. xLongBallx

    GTG willieZ1109 is GTG

    Purchased a roller bag off of him. Fast delivery and great communication!
  4. xLongBallx

    GTG Hammer 8 is VGTG

    Fast payment and great communication. do not hesitate to deal with him
  5. xLongBallx

    GTG jae5525 is GTG

    Traded, got bat in 2 days. VGTG will deal with him again Thnx
  6. xLongBallx

    Cheap Miken or mizuno Team Bat

    looking for a team bat.............. 27oz pref, LMK what ya have $60-$100 Price Range thnx!
  7. xLongBallx

    For Trade 26oz Supercell SSEST

    LTS/LTT 26oz Supercell EST C405 Just picked this bat up in a trade, Not sure # of hits bat is in great shape BAT IS GONE $70
  8. xLongBallx

    For Sale LS Red Inertia 28oz

    Have no clue # of swings Found it in the shed Any Interest? $50 OBO No dents, but has a little egg shape to it
  9. xLongBallx

    For Trade 2010 ASA Toxic 28oz

    Any interest here? Traded to jae5525 Looking for any Miken sticks LMK
  10. xLongBallx


    Got a superfreak of a board bro here, when i took the og grip off i found something weird on the handle, it almost looks like a defect in the modling process. Is this common? is it GTG? LMK what yall think thnx
  11. xLongBallx

    For Trade 2010 white toxic 28oz

    looking for miken 27oz sticks, asa prefered but will look at all offers pics in album Traded to jae5525
  12. xLongBallx

    GTG ottoman is VGTG

    Bought bat, GREAT PRICE, shipped first, FAST DELIVERY! will not hesitate to deal with him again THANKS BUD!
  13. xLongBallx

    27oz Freak Plus

    I had my 27oz Freak plus stolen last weekend at a tourny looking for a replacement. Returnable prefered but not neccessary. Willing to trade a 28oz 2010 toxic st8 up for one in good condition, otherwise please state price pics in album thnx
  14. xLongBallx

    GTG cwroth is GTG

    Bought bat off him VGTG, fast shipping!
  15. xLongBallx

    GTG feedtheseed33 is GTG

    Bought bat another bat off him VGTG
  16. xLongBallx

    Lttf asa recoil, nrg, mv1

    Looking for any Miken Sticks Prefer ASA but utrip will be considered Would like to trade my 2010 Returnable 28oz Toxic, LMK Pics in album
  17. xLongBallx

    Lost bat this weekend :(

    Held a tourny this weekend...... thanks for all who came out. It was our 1st tournament we have ran and overall thought it went pretty well. Next time we will deff be paying umpires. (srry bout that guys) anyway, I was not playing in the tourny and a friend of mine wanted to use one of my...
  18. xLongBallx

    For Trade Sb17e inertia / asa toxic

    Up for trade ( not interested in selling at this point ) 28oz returnable worth toxic 28oz LS SB17E Intertia More pics in album
  19. xLongBallx

    looking for a few mikens....

    i am interested in getting a couple of bats, i am leaning more towards trades but doesnt relly matter. bats must be 27oz and endloaded if avail. nrg 500 ( got one coming ) maniac 484 asa recoil psycho/ dc psycho mv1 or mv3 thanks for the help guys.
  20. xLongBallx

    Looking to sub SE MICH

    Wed July 21st pm if u need a guy