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    LTB Wilson A2K DW5 RHT Glove

    Looking for a Wilson A2K DW5 RHT 12" glove. Need to glove to be in really nice shape. Let me know what you have available and what your price is. Prefer a tan or blonde color way.
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    For Sale SOLD!!!!!!!!!2018 Wilson a2k 1799 RHT Nice

    New without tags 2018 Wilson a2k 1799 re-laced with Tanners lace. 5 loop hand stall. Comes with keychain as well. No trades. Only selling d/t not playing this upcoming season. $230.00 PayPal gifted
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    For Sale SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Wilson TF21 a2000 12.25" Minty RHT

    Minty Wilson a2000 Todd Frazier February Glove of the Month 12.25". Modified to a 4 loop hand stall. Has only seen some mallet work and couch catch. $185.00 PayPal gifted delivered. Price is firm. No trades.
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    LTB Wilson SP 125 orange tan

    Looking to buy a Wilson a2000 SP125 orange tan NWT/ mint condition. I have PP ready. PM me if you have one available you are willing to sell.
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    For Sale Cheap high quality baseball glove RHT

    Very nice glove here. Stamped 11.5". $65 PayPal gifted. Sold!!!!!
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    For Sale Wilson 1799 RHT

    Has only seen couch catch and some ball hammer work. Extra hole was punched to tighten up the hand stall. Only 30% broken in. $170 PayPal delivered. Not interested in any trades.
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    For Sale Easton B2 27 oz great condition Cheap!!!

    Very nice bat. Minimal hits. Some ground scratches. Selling only. No TRADES. $65. PayPal gifted. Send me a message if interested.
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    For Sale NWOT Wilson a2000 1799 Saddle Tan

    New without tags Wilson a2000 1799. Wrist tag was also removed. Adhesive stain bleeding through already. $265 PayPal gifted NO TRADES. SELLING ONLY
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    For Sale Must see Wilson Softball A2000 Saddle Tan 13" CL22

    New without tags. Saddle tan. White embroidery. Sold!!!!!!!!!! 13" CL22 - $250 paypal gifted delivered to USA. No trades. Selling only Sold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!13.5" SP135- $260 paypal delivered
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    For Sale Easton E-Pro 11.5" epg56WB h-web

    [/GALLERY]1486230543535-712644017 by ragals17 posted Feb 4, 2017 at 12:50 PMOnly used for couch catch. No conditioners have been applied to the glove. Plays a touch bigger than 11.5" secondary to very deep pocket. $55 paypal gifted.
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    For Sale NIW Louisville Slugger Vertex 30/20

    New in Wrapper. Not a Warranty Return 30"/20oz 1.15 USSSA Stamp 2 3/4" diameter barrel $75 PayPal gifted
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    For Sale Rawlings 12" HOH PRO200

    SOLD.............................. Rawlings Pro200 12" RHT. Measures true to size. 40% broken in Lay's open on its side. $120 PayPal gifted NO TRADES-SELLING ONLY
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    For Sale Nice Easton E-Pro 11.75" RHT for cheap!

    SOLD!!!!!!!!! 11.75" Easton E-Pro EPG489 Very nice shape. Tons of life left in this. Very high quality leather and lace. Lays open on its side. $65 paypal gifted. SELLING ONLY. NO TRADES PLEASE
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    For Sale Speed Hitter for sale
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    For Sale Speed Hitter for sale

    Very light use. $45 pp gifted.
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    Weird lacing on new 1799 model I just received

    Received this today from SBF store. I have never seen this extra knot in the top of the base of the H-Web before. Is this new for Wilson?
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    Let's see some more pics of the Rawlings SBF 100

    Considering this glove. Would like to see some more pictures of these gloves now that you guys have had a chance to start the break-in process.
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    For Sale 12.5" a2000 sb125 rht

    SOLD $$$$$$$$$I won't be able to use this much so looking to unload it. $210 usps priority delivered paypal gifted
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    For Sale 13.5" Akadema RHT H-web Open Back

    13.5" Akadema Precision Series RHT glove. AMR34 MODEL. SANDSTONE COLOR .GREY WELTING. Kip leather. Very stiff index and pinky. Dual welting. Swallows a softball. $120 PayPal gifted
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    For Sale Louisville Slugger Vertex Senior League Baseball Bat 30/20 2.75" Barrel

    1.15 usssa stamp. NIW. Returnable if you can get your own receipt. $80 paypal delivered.