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  1. Strawberry

    For Sale Men’s XXL, XL, & Large Softball Pants - Retirement Sale

    Willing to let go of the black and greys for 25 shipped?
  2. Strawberry

    For Sale SIZE 36 PANTS

    Pm sent
  3. Strawberry

    For Sale Pants , jerseys , t-shirts

    Interested in both of the blue pants (grey and white). Sending pm
  4. Strawberry

    For Sale/Trade 2 Worths and an Easton

    Thinking about that easton...
  5. Strawberry

    For Sale Worth Pitching Helmet for sale

    Shouldn't last too long
  6. Strawberry

    LTB Jh120 or m7jh120

    Best bats ever bump!!
  7. Strawberry

    For Sale ASA OG Mayhem 27oz / ASA m7JH Jeff Hall 26.5

    Bump for some Georgia m7s!!
  8. Strawberry

    Best shorts to play in

    I got a pair of reebok crossfit shorts. Super light weight and so comfortable!
  9. Strawberry

    I cant stop watching this

    Being a father to a four year old that is doing the same thing, there is no better feeling than this. I love taking her to the park with me. She always asks if she can play pepper or hit. Thanks for sharing man
  10. Strawberry

    For Sale Boombah Super Batpack

    So is it sold??
  11. Strawberry

    For Sale 5 Bats for Sale

    Trade an ASA mayhem for the l4?
  12. Strawberry

    Atlanta/Austell Area

    If you're moving to Austell, al bishop has league pretty much every night of the week. Hit up the parks website. There is a number somewhere on there for a free agent thing if people need a player. Also try out usssa Georgia message board.
  13. Strawberry

    Infield Mask

    I use a champro. Works great and is light. Visibility is great too! [/URL][/IMG]
  14. Strawberry

    Softball pitching mask

    Lax helmet for the win
  15. Strawberry

    LTB Pitchers Helmet

    Lax helmet. Head to your local P I A S and search through them first.
  16. Strawberry

    LTB Umpire equipment

    What are you umpiring? Asa?