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  1. CarlsbadDrew

    WCSA | May 14th | Men's D, E, & Lowers | Poway & Santee

    D Division at Poway... no other divisions to battle for fields with. E's & Lowers @ Santee.
  2. CarlsbadDrew

    WCSA | April 23rd | Men's Lower E, & E | Poway

    email [email protected] to get in.
  3. CarlsbadDrew

    WCSA | Mar 19th | Men's | Bats Provided by Miken & Worth

    I've got one spot open for this. The fastest way to reach me is [email protected]
  4. CarlsbadDrew

    WCSA | Feb 13th

    We have room. Get your squad in.
  5. CarlsbadDrew

    2016 WCSA Schedule is UP! | San Diego & OC

    Check it out.
  6. CarlsbadDrew

    Turkey Day Pickup Games | San Diego

    Thankgiving Day @ 8:00am | MT San Miguel fields. *Draines has a bunch of people going already via the San Diego Slowpitch FB page. Who wants to cruise?
  7. CarlsbadDrew

    WCSA | DEC 13 | MENS Wood Bat w/ derby balls | COED 4 $200 | Kit Carson

    Come play a fun one! MENS WOOD BAT w/ USSSA Stadium Balls (47cor | 500comp) COED for $200!!!!
  8. CarlsbadDrew

    WCSA | DEC 19&20 | MENS & COED | Sportsplex Santee - Unlimited BOMBS! (rec-open divs)

    MENs 'E' & OPEN only! Unlimited Bombs! This sold out last year and was a blast! COED 'REC', 'E' & OPEN only! Unlimited Bombs for E & OPEN!
  9. CarlsbadDrew

    WCSA | AUG 22 & 23 | MENS & COED | Kit Carson Park - Escondido

    COED FOR ONLY $200!!!!!!
  10. CarlsbadDrew

    WCSA | $175 Tourney! 7/19

  11. CarlsbadDrew


    A free agent team needs 3-4 more guys to play in the lowers, and a couple teams need a few players. Get at me.
  12. CarlsbadDrew

    WCSA | JULY Tourneys in San Diego

    MENS COED & MENS 5x5x5
  13. CarlsbadDrew

    WCSA | July 25 & 26 | MENS-COED-WOMENS | Orange County / Lake Forest Sports Park

    WCSA is now in Orange County! We are holding our first events this month at the brand new Lake Forest Sports Park. This facility is pretty amazing and very well done. See photo below. Get your teams in today. People are very excited to play at this facility and i believe these dates will fill...
  14. CarlsbadDrew


    I can place you. Get at me.
  15. CarlsbadDrew

    WCSA | May 2nd | MENS | Sportsplex Poway | $1000 for 1st

    Get your teams in. This one will sell out!
  16. CarlsbadDrew


    I've been contacted by a few FA's for this one so we will try and build a Free Agent team for the lowers. PM me your name and number if interested.
  17. CarlsbadDrew

    WCSA | April 12th | COED | Kit Carson Escondido | $1000 for 1st!

    Coed for April! Get your teams in!
  18. CarlsbadDrew

    WCSA | April 4th | MENS | Poway | $1250 for 1st!

    Get down with it.. Enter a team today! Big time cash going out for this one.