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    For Sale 2014 DeMarini The One Senior (Endload)

    2014 DeMarini The One Senior - 28oz 125$ DLVD USPS priority (Lower 48 states) Less than 100 swings No webbing/rattling So, the end cap marks are from BP I did with the bat. The bat came out of my hands and flew over the side fence and landed on the concrete. It is only cosmetic and does not...
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    Softball BP (tee) Stadium CL22 and Miken DC41

    Here is my new one. New camera angle and I tried to change some things mentioned. Any suggestions are appreciated. I do apologize in advance, my sister doesn't make an appearance in this video. :( I also like the Stadium better. The DC41 is a pretty good stick still, but I would never put...
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    GTG Duriisimo is GTG

    Communication was great and he said I'll take it and paid promptly. GTG guy here.
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    LTB Looking for 12.5" or bigger Game ready LHT

    Purchased one. Thanks bro'sNothing too expensive, but my brother-in-laws brother showed up to play with what appeared to be a youth 1B mitt and he plays OF. I'm just gonna pick him up a glove. Let me know what you got. LHT (Game Ready) and preferably less than 75$.
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    BP with Demarini CL22 and Demarini Senior

    Here are some swings off a tee. I'd love to hear some recommendations for swing improvement. My fielding is average at best and I can at least become a better hitter all by myself. Ha.
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    Price Check Vinci PJV 13" RHT

    Just wondering what the price should be on this glove?
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    For Sale Two RHT 13" Gloves. Vinci and LS Pro Flare

    SOLD for 65$ Vinci PVJ 13" 105$ PayPal as goods dlvd (lower 48) I would say Game Ready Broken in with 2 in the pinky, but I used 1 and it worked great SOLD for 110$ LS Pro Flare FL1300CC 130$ PayPal as goods dlvd (lower 48) Still needs some work, but close Purchased for my pops but he...
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    For Sale/Trade 2013 Demarini Mercy NR (Green Handle), 2014 Demarini Stadium CL22 - Returnable

    SOLD for 175$34/25 2013 Demarini Mercy (No Return) SOLD for 170$ 34/28 2014 Demarini Stadium CL22 - Returnable (Green/Black)
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    For Sale Mizuno Craze (Black/Orange) 50$ dlvd

    Bat has been sold for 50$ 34/29 Mizuno Craze (Black/Orange) 50$ PayPal as goods, dlvd USPS Priority w/ DC# (Lower 48 States) Bat is used, but in good shape 250 < Hits < 750 No cracks/rattles
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    For Sale/Trade 28oz Worth Legit

    BAT Sold for 115$ 28oz Worth Legit (Senior) [INDENT][LIST] Bat is used, but in great shape. 100 < Number of Hits < 500. PM me any questions. 140$ delivered USPS priority with DC# (lower 48 states)
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    For Sale/Trade Worth (Senior) Legit, Demarini CL22 Stadium, Mizuno Craze (black and orange)

    Three bats up for trade or sale 28oz Worth Legit (Senior) 27oz Demarini CL22 Stadium (No Return) BAT IS NO LONGER FOR SALE/TRADE 30oz Mizuno Craze (Black and Orange) Trades -Bats preferably new USSSA stamped 25/26/27 oz -13.5" or bigger Glove -Softball equipment I will consider most...
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    Price Check NIW 28oz Sunday Swagger

    I was just wondering what this thing is valued at? I picked one up in a trade. It's the Richard's exclusive, grey barrel dual stamp Sunday Swagger.
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    LTB Ready for play, but not abused 14"

    That's what she said. Ha. ONE HAS BEEN PURCHASED Just kidding, but seriously. I'm looking to pick up a RHT 14" glove for my pops for fathers day. He loves his Vinci now, but it's a 13" and he is always complaining how it is a little too short. I'm not really sure what brand to get him, so I...
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    LTB 25/26oz Green Handle Mercy

    Purchased One
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    For Sale Nice Sundown Audio 8" Subwoofer & MTX amp

    Sundown Audio 8" Subwoofer. E8v2D4 Brand New MTX RT602 car amplifier. Both for 130 Shipped.
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    For Sale Alpine MRX-M240 2400 watt RMS amplifier

    Alpine MRX-M240 in good condition. 10/10 mechanical and 8/10 cosmetic (it is missing the two end cap covers) 2400 watts x [email protected] 2 ohm 300 Shipped CONUS
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    For Sale Size 11

    All items are SOLD
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    For Sale Car Audio

    -everything sold
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    A Little Overdue. JAMCO = ???

    AWESOME UNI's is what they equal. My team has used them twice now and we are pleased with there great service everytime. Here are the Jersey's we had made for this season. sidenote: customer service is excellent and they are always a phone call away. I would def suggest ordering from these...
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    For Sale 2 NIW NR Worth Bats 1 USSSA/1 ASA

    BOTH bats ARE gone 1) SOLD for asking price NIW NR 2013 27oz BJ Fulk ASA. 140$ Shipped to the lower 48. 2) Traded for a Stadium NIW NR 2013 27oz 454 Legit Balanced USSSA. 175.10$ Shipped to the lower 48. I can ship elsewhere, but may cost a little more. I will check and if shipping...