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  1. pc53

    Price Check Worth DBCSB deBeer Clincher Bat 34" 36 Oz. NIW

    Hello, just to check the price right now of this bat New in Wrapper
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    For Trade Some metals

    Hello! how much the tri-shell is 27oz?
  3. pc53

    LTB Easton Bats Triple7, Havoc, trishell, Louisville XXL

    Hello please let me know if you can find the green trishell, thanks
  4. pc53

    LTB Easton Bats Triple7, Havoc, trishell, Louisville XXL

    Could work, pm me your offer, thanks
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    LTB Easton Bats Triple7, Havoc, trishell, Louisville XXL

    Hello, I`m loocking to purchase some softball bats in 28/30 Oz. ONE PIECE Bats, if you have one of this just send me a pm Easton Triple 7 Easton Havoc Red or Yellow Easton Trishell Green One Piece Easton Reflex Easton Redline Easton Z-Core Louisville TPS XXL Lousiville TPS GOLD
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    For Sale Rawlings Gold Glove 13.5" GG135TFS NWT

    Hello, For Sale is a Rawlings Gold Glove 13.5" GG135TFS New With Tags, one of the best for softball asking price $125 shipped
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    Wilson A2000 1781 12.25" & Rawlings HOH PROAK2 11.5"

    Hi, for sale Two Gloves A) Wilson A2000 1781 12.25" Very great shape, not cracking. B) Rawlings Rawlings HOH PROAK2 11.5" Also in very great shape, some more signs of use on the pocket Price for each is $145 but only selling (Both) togheter Shipped Express
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    Price Check Debeer Clincher 1510C Softball Bat

    Hello, i'm back here just to check the price of this rare bat i got recent on my hands the weight is about 32/34 Oz.
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    Hello i have one clincher bat that will post for sale

    Hello i have one clincher bat that will post for sale
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    Consult about Z1000's

    Hello!, Just needing help / orientation about the difference from the classics (firsts) Z1000 Models and the news 2018 / 2019 models, There is a high performance difference? any comment welcome. Thanks.
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    For Sale Rawlings HOH 12 1/4 Two piece Web

    Hello, for sale is a Rawlings HOH 12 1/4" Two piece Web, for pitchers or softball infielders, from the former MLB Closer Francisco Rodriguez "EL KID". For players or collectors. Asking price $230 shipped
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    For Trade Demarini F3, F5, F7 and Easton Triple 7

    Hello still have the Triple 7?
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    LTB Rawlings RGG3039-6MO for RHT

    Hello people, I'm looking for the glove Rawlings Glove RGG3039-6MO for RHT, or a Rawlings glove box. if any have just let me know,
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    For Sale Demarini J2 34/28 oz

    Bat was sold long time ago, thanks.
  15. pc53

    Looking to buy TPS XXL, Easton's Reflex, Or any other similar

    Hello, I'm looking to buy some metals bats, preferred; TPS XXL and Easton's Reflex But let me know if you have a good metal bat,
  16. pc53

    Rawlings HOH 12” Arenado

    Really fantastic glove, GLWS
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    For Sale Apple Watch Series 3 Cellular 42mm

    HI! still available?
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    Question; About HOH Code

    The letters seems like to be not rubbed