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    price check on a 2014 Rip-it air usssa

    Hi guys I have a niw 2014 rip-it air usssa 28oz wondering how it would sell for here before I put on eBay
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    For Sale Rip-It Prototype 98 & Reaper 5

    for sale Rip-It Prototype 98 28oz whit valid receipt about 100swings 125$ & Reaper 5 about 5-10swings 27oz both are endload and ASA approved 125$..............reason for selling is i don't play asa much anymore and didn't like the 27oz to light for me for pics
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    For Sale/Trade Rip-It Prototype ASA 28oz and Reaper 5 27oz

    I'm selling my rip-it prototype 98 125$ still have valid receipt for exchange and Reaper 5 125$ or obo .................Prototype has about 100swing and reaper 5 has about 5-10 swings like new. both are ASA approve and end load............will only trade for Miken MV-1 28oz or Miken Denny Crine...
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    Miken DC Psycho

    im looking for a Miken dc Psycho asap 27oz and up in GREAT condition willing to pay fair NIW text at 5069555129Thx