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    ball hits runner on base

    bases loaded. tow outs. Line drive stirkes runner standing on First. Pircher ?manager insists that the runner is out Game over. It is senior ball so we self ump. Batting team says runner is not out bercasue that is a baseball rule. batting team says it is a dead ball. BUT...
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    interference at home base

    bases loaded, no outs. Batter hits a double. Runners all trying to score. Strong throw home, overshoots the catcher. Catcher runs to the fence, retrieves the ball, turns , and runs into a runner who has just scored and is heading (kinda) for the dugout. This accidental bump prevented...
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    strike or a ball??

    strike or a ball?? as a 50 year player, coach, or umpire I've never seen this issue. Umping an over 35 league, USSSA rules. the incoming pitch will be a strike, when suddenly the catcher reaches to catch the pitch a little above the hitters waist line. Then, the Catcher brought his...