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    What’s your favorite glove that you ever played?

    Here’s my second glove, ever. It’s a Rawlings RBG embossed with the signature of “the Tony Gwynn”. I feel like this was the same glove half of the kids were using in the late eighties. This one has def seen some better days with cuts and scrapes, but it’s only a little floppy and reminds of...
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    Obscure question of the day - vintage gloves

    If you were going to purchase a vintage glove for recreational use / fun, would you go with no welt on the back of the fingers or single welt? Trying to think through if that really would make a difference from a structural strength perspective, and I have zero experience with early 1900’s...
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    Rawlings Tan HOH

    I’m in the process of selecting a new custom glove (my first custom). I was wondering: 1) anyone know the difference between a standard pocket on the 27HF9 and the average pocket on the 3029 models? I tend to lean towards opening wide and a standard pocket for ease of grabbing the ball. 2) i’m...