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    LTB RHT Outfield Glove

    Time to get a new glove. I have been using a pretty basic glove for a while now and I am looking to upgrade to a higher quality glove. I play mostly OF so looking for something around 12.5-13 would be good. If i cant find anything i may just buy brand new but figured I would try here first...
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    the Carolinas

    I am going to play with my unit on base. Also, looking to play out in town. Moved from Cali where they play year around and playing 3-4 nights a week. So playing once a week on base doesn't itch the feeling I get to play. I will look into getting ahold of Recreation Leagues out in town and...
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    the Carolinas

    Just got stationed in Charleston, SC. I live around the Goose Creek area, at the Naval Weapons Station. I am looking for a rec team to join. Mostly play outfield but have played everywhere to include pitching. I have a fairly flexible schedule. Just looking to get my foot in the door and play...