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  1. Brewzer

    For Sale 32GB Verizon Samsung Note 4 in mint condition

    I have a 32GB Verizon Samsung Note 4 that belonged to my girlfriend (she went to iPhone). It has been in a Speck case from day 1 and doesn't have any blemishes. It also has a glass screen protector on it that has been on it since day one. This phone is practically in brand new condition. It has...
  2. Brewzer

    For Sale 27 OG Flex SCN3

    SOLD I have a 27 oz OG Flex available for sale. No trades at this time unless it is an Insane in the same weight. $190 delivered Bat has no rattles or cracks. Both ASA are clearly visible. There may be a couple small lines of webbing but nothing big or obvious. Most of the marks appear to be...
  3. Brewzer

    Price Check 27 oz OG Flex SCN3

    Just looking to see what the going rate is these days for the SCN3. I know they aren't what they used to be as far as prices but not sure where I should price this one. No cracks, rattles, etc. No webbing either. I have no idea how many swings on it since I bought it used. TIA
  4. Brewzer

    For Sale AT&T LG G3 with Extras!

    AT&T LG G3 with Extras! - SOLD - PHONE IS SOLD I have a 6 month old AT&T LG G3. It is in great condition with o noticeable wear/marks as it was in a case the entire time. It has a clean ESN. It had a screen protector the entire time as well but I took it off and tried to use it on my new G4...
  5. Brewzer

    For Sale $100 Cavender's GC

    I have a $100 Cavender's GC that I will part with for $75. I will either mail you the GC or email you the code and PIN number on back, it's your choice.
  6. Brewzer

    For Sale/Trade Vinci Custom Optimus 13.25" LHT

    I have a practically brand new Vinci Optimus LHT H web in 13.25". It is a perfect OF glove or if you want to use a glove and not a mitt at first it should do the trick as well. It has a closed mesh back as you can see in the pictures. Glove has had one coat of Vinci conditioner applied already...
  7. Brewzer

    New Color BMB-OB

    The BMB-OB is easily one of our most popular glove models as it can be used all over the field. TO make the BMB-OB even better Vinci has introduced the "rich brown" BMB-OB. We have sold a couple as promotional gloves but we will be stocking this glove starting next week, and possibly this week...
  8. Brewzer

    Which 2014 Easton to choose?

    Have a return and I can get any 2014 Easton bat other than the Mako. Play mostly ASA around here but I am not sure if I want to keep the bat or sell it. What would have the most resell value? If you were to keep the stick which one would it be? Thanks!
  9. Brewzer

    GTG iluvkingrichie

    iluvkingrichie is VGTG! Great communication and very fast payment. He's a funny guy to boot! Don't hesitate to deal with him.
  10. Brewzer

    For Sale Clean Avarice G4

    I have a 27.5 oz Avarice G4 with no more than 75 swings on her. No cracks, rattles or webbing. It is returnable and I have a valid electronic receipt for the bat that I will email to the buyer. The barrel was sprayed with some tacky stuff so it might not look quite as clean as it truly is...
  11. Brewzer

    Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals available now!!

    I honestly can't believe that Vinci is practically giving gloves away. This is a great chance to own a great glove for pennies on the dollar. For infielders that BMB-M glove looks great at $99. It will measure and play at 12.5", not the listed 13". For OFers I would strongly urge you to consider...
  12. Brewzer

    Vinci Batpack Pics and Review

    I will try to update this thread with better pictures but hopefully this is a good start. While I am a Vinci rep I plan to be as honest as possible and I will answer any questions you post so here we go... I put two bats on one side of the bag and one bat on the other side. I wanted to...
  13. Brewzer

    Price Check Clean OG Flex Price Check

    I just acquired a 27 oz OG Flex in pretty good condition and just wondered what it might be worth. If my worthless girlfriend didn't get fired I'd definitely keep it. One and a half web lines as shown in the first picture, end cap is in good shape and the ASA stamps are nearly perfect. No...
  14. Brewzer

    For Sale 13.25" Custom Vinci Optimus LHT

    I have a 13.25" custom Vinci Optimus glove with closed back. It has an H web and partial mesh back. I had done one round of break in with the glove, only using the shoeshine method, when my live in girlfriend told me she lost her job. I am just trying to come up with some extra funds since she...
  15. Brewzer

    New custom glove color for Limited Series gloves (5 oz kip leather)

    The popular Vinci Limited Series line that the majority of our custom gloves are made from just added another beautiful color. Vinci is calling this color "rich brown" and you can work with your local Vinci rep to get your order in.
  16. Brewzer

    Wanted, Portent or DB

    Which would you choose as a return? (the weighting doesn't matter and shouldn't be a factor in your answer) TIA to all you Combat guys for your responses. I am just trying to help out a friend and I don't swing Combat so I am clueless here. Tried to do some research myself but am still at a loss.
  17. Brewzer

    New Vinci Website is Up!

    Vinci has updated it's website. The new site uses the same address, but it's been updated to make it much, much easier to view on a smartphone. It is very clean and should provide a better web browsing experience form your compute or phone. Enjoy!
  18. Brewzer

    For Trade $50 Macy's GC for a $50 Home Depot GC

    $50 Macy's GC for a $50 Home Depot or BB GC Don't need anything from Macy's. Would like to trade my $50 GC for your $50 Home Depot or BB GC.
  19. Brewzer

    Rous - clean out some of your PM's

    trying to respond and it won't let me because you are a dirty mother****er and need to clean out your PM box :D Didn't know how else to tell you so I started thread. GFY mods :sucks:
  20. Brewzer

    For Sale 50% broken in Custom Vinci Optimus LHT

    SOLD I bought this LHT custom Vinci Opitmus a couple months ago but decided to replace this one with a new one that is a different style. I played catch with it 5 times at most. It's probably half way broken in at this point. It is going to play a little larger than 12.75". It has the...